Another Cop Killer - Pt 3

There is no shame in seeking help for depression, even when it effects the LEO.

But what if they want me to go on pills?

Consider it. Remember, while depression is a mental illness caused by impaired functioning within the brain - typically a chemical disorder - that means it is also a medical problem. If your psychiatrist, a physician, suggests medicine, or your licensed therapist wants you to see a psychiatrist to be evaluated for medication, it is because they think it will help. The medication will not change you it will just help you not to experience extreme lows or extreme highs. When the medication begins to take effect, most begin to report they feel like their old selves. Studies find depression is 90% treatable with talk therapy in conjunction with medication.

There is no shame in being depressed. If you are in a room of 10 people, most likely 4 will be on antidepressants or are in a midst of a depression whether minor or severe. If you are experiencing symptoms as stated above, the earlier you seek treatment, the better. Types of treatment can be as simple as 3 EAP sessions all the way to the most severe of hospitalization, but that is only necessary when someone is an imminent threat of life threatening harm to themselves or someone else. So if this article describes you, please seek the help you need. It is better than suffering through something that can be easily treated.

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