Those Beloved .45s

These many years later, I still have a fondness for and appreciation of the .45ACP and have personally appreciated the impact that big hole at the end of the barrel can have when someone sees it pointed at them.

My other common carry .45ACP pistol is the Kahr CW4543. With a polymer frame and shorter slide / barrel, this weapon is far more comfortable to carry because of its light weight and smaller size. Of course, there are reasonably expected trade-offs with such changes. Thanks to the smaller size the magazine capacity is six rounds, so with the one I chamber I get seven rounds total in the weapon. I'm okay with that. With the full-size 1911 I usually carry one spare mag and end up with 15 rounds total on my person. With the Kahr Cw4543 I carry a spare mag and end up with a total of 13 rounds on my person. I've long ago stopped worrying about those two rounds. I remember the days when I would carry a 5-shot snub-nose revolver off-duty and think I was just fine - so 13 rounds if more than sufficient in my mind. Amazingly slim in its design, the Kahr CW4543 is a striker-fired weapon. Note that there is no external (or internal) hammer. There are also no external safeties to manipulate. Just like with revolvers, pull the weapon, aim and fire. No safeties to disengage - or to forget to disengage. This pistol is the one most frequently found on my hip.

More like the Kahr than the Springfield Armory, the Glock Model 36 is a polymer frame pistol that also uses an internal striker mechanism rather than a hammer. Also holding six rounds in its magazine (+1 in the chamber), the Glock 36 is almost as small as the Kahr. I carried a Glock 36 for many years and have no criticism to offer about it. In my experience, Glock pistols have proven reliable and able to take abuse. The Glock 36 was more comfortable in my hand than its double-stack magazine "brothers". Conveniently, it fit in many holsters designed for the mid-size 9mm or .40 caliber Glock pistols. My Glock 36 has been sold and now rides most often in one of my closest friend's off-duty holster. He is a former Marine and is as much a fan of the .45ACP as I am. As he once said, "Having lots of bullets in the gun is nice, but putting big holes in bad guys works better."

Through the years I've carried other .45s. I had a stainless steel Colt Commander that served as my back-up duty weapon for a number of years. I carried as my duty weapon at another agency when I did some targeted drug enforcement work. It was, in fact, the .45 I was carrying one day when I caught a burglar in the bedroom of an apartment, and I'll never forget what he said to me after the fact. When he asked what kind of gun I was carrying (and had pointed at him) and I told him it was a .45 he said, "Damn... that hole looked big enough that I could crawl into it and die."

What else needs to be said?

Stay Safe!

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