Actively Retired

There are many reasons why some of choose to walk the thin blue line as law enforcement officers. Some will say they joined the force to protect and serve, seek to retire at an early age with good benefits. Or maybe they are fulfilling a family legacy. Whether or not we realize it, we have joined a warrior culture. We have sworn an oath to our country, community and to each other. Few bonds are forged as tight as those who choose this path and serve together. I have never met a member of a police or corrections department that hasn't been changed for good and bad through the rigors of wearing a badge.

A lot of us are under the impression that once we retire from the job we can go back to a normal life. In truth there is some solace to not having to respond to the nightmares and savagery sent to us from the radio; to not being shot at, spit at and glared at as if we had cauliflower growing out of our nostrils; to not having to answer to disconnected Brass holes who are on a power kick trying to climb the ladder while walking on your back. Life is good, but it will never go back to normal.

Our sixth sense and cynicism will never truly leave us. By nature we always see through people and still spot the bad guys out in the world. So be it. If you are already retired or about to, CHEERS! However, we still need you. We need you to be vigilant for your country and your family and friends. This is an unprecedented era of violence and terrorism that cannot be ignored.

I'm not asking you to chase down some perp that just stole an Elmo doll from Wallyworld, but I am asking you to look inside yourself and prepare. Things have gotten to the point where common civilians and people like us may very well be at the right place at the wrong time. Thrown into a situation where we may be at the mall or school and have to stop a terrorist or other predator unleashing their evil deeds.

Some retirees may not even carry their weapons anymore or a trauma kit. How is going to be if we come across an officer who maybe on the side of the road bleeding out? What is it going to be like when we are at home and our front door gets kicked in during the night? Or when we go to pick up our children from school and walk into an active shooter situation? The fact that our I.D. Cards are stamped "RETIRED" is not going to give us peace knowing we failed to prepare or take necessary action. Hell can easily be a place on earth as we have learned through our past duties.

Training should still be on our list of fun retiree activities. Smoking a cigar after a day at the range is always more rewarding then after a day at the golf course. What we did for training on the job 7 years ago isn't going to cut it. Firearms or trauma care needs to recent and up to par for TODAY. Train for reality. H.R. 218 enables retired officers to carry a weapon nationwide. Get certified, carry you weapon or make it accessible while you are on vacation. Learn how to use a tourniquet and get yourself and family a trauma kit. The little first aid kit you have in the trunk or cabinet full of band aides and aspirin isn't going to cut it when a catastrophic wound occurs. Waiting 10 minutes for an ambulance or cruiser is an eternity!

Rest assured my brothers and sisters we will never run out of Wolves or sheep on this planet. Their numbers grow by the day. There is however a growing shortage of sheepdogs . Sadly, they have been beaten down and shunned by a lot of the community and media. Until the wolves come snarling and preying on them. It is then that the sheep dog is begged for. It does not matter if that sheep dog is maimed, old, or ugly for his warrior mindset is still sharp and his scarred heart still beats strong. That is why its bite is feared so much by the wolf preying on the meek. Keep those teeth honed sheepdog!

Let's be careful out there!