Proudly A Patrolman

Puff out your chest and wear that badge proudly as a member of the rank and file, you are the foundation of any police agency.

The Mighty Patrolman

So... there isn't such a thing as a lowly Patrolman. There may be a worthless Patrolman who, for instance, expends more energy getting out of doing things than working but the rank of Patrolman is a noble one. Much like the medieval knight or samurai warrior who learned and mastered his skills and abilities and fought the battles and skirmishes for the king or warlord, the Patrolman is on the front lines taking care of business. He or she represents that thin blue line we hear about that separates order from anarchy.

Recently I testified as a use of force expert for the prosecutor's office. Prepping for my testimony in his office the prosecutor said, "You're a Sergeant, right?" I told him proudly, "Nope, I'm a Patrolman - just a general purpose police officer." One of a legion that continue to do much with very little, who attack society's problems day after day and night after night with much risk and little reward. Whose actions although unheralded continue to make supervisors, despite their best efforts, look good.

Patrolman Davis or Officer Davis, I like that. I've earned it. It speaks volumes about who I am and what I do as well as who you are and what you do, my brothers and sisters in blue. I align myself with other ground pounders who've been there and done that. So shine up that shield, star or special agent badge and pin it to a chest swollen with pride for what it represents; for all those that have worn it before and the fallen brothers who were killed in action with that badge or star on their chests. I proudly wear my Patrolman's badge now and will carry that mantel for the rest of my days as have so many others who've gone before me. Denigrate it at your peril!

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