Calif. Officer Replaces Boy's Crushed Bike


A Sacramento police officer generously replaced a boy's Christmas bike this week after it was destroyed during a ride.

Officer Shaun McGovern was called to a vehicle accident on Wednesday afternoon near Redwood Avenue. Police said a child who was on his bike suffered minor injuries in an accident that was not a hit-and-run.

The child told McGovern that he wanted his mother, and that his bike -- which was crushed in the accident -- was an early Christmas present.

According to a police report, the child had been given the bike early because he couldn't wait to ride it.

Police said the officer bought the boy a new bicycle and helmet with his own money -- and on his own time -- without anyone's knowledge.

McGovern had to ask his supervisor's permission to leave his assigned area for the day, police said, and then went to deliver the bike to the boy on Christmas Eve.

The officer couldn't find the boy, but police said he asked a swing shift supervisor to deliver the gift.

The supervisor was successful in his elf-like duties, according to a police report.

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