Law Enforcement Product News Unveils Most Inquired About Products of 2009

Fort Atkinson, WI (January 11, 2010) – Law Enforcement Product News, the industry’s most comprehensive product publication, announces the top 20 most inquired about products for 2009.

"Firearms and accessories account for about 50 percent of our Gold Star list," says Editor Jonathan Kozlowski. "Other innovations have also created a great deal of buzz such as the CSI Stick, a data device that connects directly to a cell phone’s charging port and can instantly extract e-mails, instant messages, dialed numbers, phone books and anything else that is stored in memory as well as deleted files if they have not been overwritten. Technology still drives the 21st Century law enforcement professional."

Based on inquired from readers, these 20 products deserve a second look. Mailed mid-January, the issue was distributed at the 2010 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

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Law Enforcement Product News' Gold Star Products of 2009


    ZT15-SW Tactical Extension Tool

    Designed by Zak Tool Inc., the ZT15-SW Tactical Extension Tool converts Smith & Wesson issue keys into a large grip handcuff key with extended reach and full swiveling capability. A specially designed end cap and security pin lock the key in position to prevent loss. If an officer's key breaks, it is easy to install another one. The ZT15-SW Extension Tool is not officially endorsed by Smith & Wesson.


    CSI Stick

    Paraben's CSI Stick lets law enforcement gather forensic-grade data from cell phones. The thumb drive-sized device has interchangeable cell phone data connection tips that plug directly into the cell phone. With the push of a button, officers can get data such as the phonebook, SMS messages, call logs, graphics, camera images, videos and more. The data is saved to the CSI Stick in a forensic manner and can be viewed with software by plugging the stick's USB end into a PC. Until now, data from a cell phone was not easily accessible. The CSI Stick is easily upgradable. As Paraben releases new data tips and model support, users can purchase new tips and update their CSI Stick using a simple update management program. The CSI Stick includes a carrying case that holds all components for easy use in the field.


    BigEasy Loop

    Steck Mfg.'s BigEasy Loop snaps on to any BigEasy Lockout Tool and provides leverage to pull door handles and window cranks while unlocking doors. The BigEasy Loop is made from low density polyethylene which provides a strong but flexible tool to adapt to any angle required to complete the unlocking process. Mold injected with reflective substances which will "glo" after absorbing sun light for use with tinted windows and headlights for night time lockouts. BigEasy Loop is easily stored in pants pocket or BigEasy Carrying Case.

  4. FNH USA

    SCAR for law enforcement

    FNH USA’s SCAR, chosen by U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) as its next generation modular assault rifle system, will soon be available in a commercial version. The properties of the SCAR include its modularity, 99 percent of parts are interchangeable among same caliber platforms and 82 percent of parts are interchangeable among the various platforms, rapid adaptability and reliability. This rifle has a 90,000-round service life and a more than 30,000-round barrel life. The SCAR's free floating barrels are easily changed by loosening six screws, and all major windage and elevation adjustments are made at the permanently attached front sight. U.S. government and manufacturer testing prove that, once removed and reinstalled, a SCAR barrel will return within one minute of angle (1 MOA) to the previously established zero.


    Rimless Revolver

    Charter Arms offers its .40 S&W chambering followed by the .45ACP and 9x19 mm Parabellum (the 9mm Parabellum revolver will also chamber factory .380ACP). All three of Charter Arms' Rimless Revolvers (9mm, .40 and .45) are rated for higher velocity +P loadings. The average gun owner can own a trouble-free revolver chambered in popular semi-auto rounds without the need for specialized ammunition clips and a specialized gun. As a primary self-defense carry gun, these three calibers mean reliable protection in popular semi-auto self defense-calibers. If more power is needed, step up to +P ammo. The advantage with Charter Arms Rimless Revolvers is they will fire any mix of cartridges while maintaining reliability. For plinking with .45ACP or 9mm surplus and discounted military type ammo, the affordable Charter Arms Rimless Revolver is economical and also a .380 revolver.


    Total gun care product

    SUPER QUICK CLEAN GUNS' (SQCG) true CLP, total gun care product, is designed to clean out all of the fouling (copper- lead, black- powder, and carbon) found on any firearm, quickly and easily. As a penetrant, this does not need harsh chemicals that can damage other parts of an officer's firearm or be a health risk. SQCG uses a Micro Lube in place of oil to lubricate all of a firearm's moving parts. The Micro Lube bonds with the metal to dissipate moisture and prevents an officer's firearms from condensation, sweat, wetting when going from one extreme environment to another or rust. Additionally, an officer can also use it on his optics, which will prevent them from fogging up, and it will not harm the coatings.


    500 Rolling Thunder shotgun

    The Mossberg 500 Rolling Thunder line includes the 500 pump-action 12-gauge shotgun, which serves as the basic platform for more sporting, home defense, tactical and military shotguns. The model features a 23-inch cylinder-bore barrel with a 3-inch chamber and brass bead front sight. Also includes a barrel heat-shield and a solid aluminum, ported muzzle stabilizer, to reduce recoil and muzzle jump but drilled and tapped to accept the Mossberg Picatinny rail system. The Rolling Thunder’s short, overall length and light (6 3/4 pounds) weight combine to make for easy handling and fast swinging needed for defense situations in tight places.

  8. BOKER

    Todd Begg modernized Kiridashi knife

    Available from Boker USA, Todd Begg's modern interpretation of the Japanese Kiridashi knife features a polished, razor sharp, chisel grind edge, making it an ideal utility or back-up knife. The bead blasted, curved handle with deep thumb notches provides a super secure grip, and the slim profile provides superior carrying comfort. This solid one-piece construction is crafted of 440C stainless steel and manufactured in Solingen, Germany. Comes complete with a Kydex sheath, suitable for neck carry, or a Tek-Lok can be attached for belt/gear carry. With an overall length of 5 1/2 inches, its cutting edge is 1 3/4 inches long and weighs 2 ounces.


    SIG 556 Classic semi-automatic rifle

    SIG SAUER introduces the SIG 556 Classic semi-automatic rifle in 5.56 NATO. The SIG 556 Classic features a full-length gas piston with a two-position gas valve, Swiss-type folding stock and a polymer forend. Its steel receiver features a Picatinny rail with a SIG SAUER Mini Red Dot Sight and an improved combat-style hooded front and flip-up rear sights. The Classic has a 17-inch cold hammer forged barrel. SIG SAUER shaved a pound off the Classic model by incorporating the redesigned alloy trigger housing, AR-style magazine and flash suppressor. Two 30-round polymer magazines with connector are included.


    Super quick clean guns cleaner

    SUPER QUICK CLEAN GUNS is an advanced formulated cleaner, micro-lube, rust- inhibitor/preventative, and moisture dissipater, in one product. For older firearms, it restores, renews and rejuvenates. For new firearms it is an insurance policy to keep the firearm working and looking like new for years to come.

  11. 5.11 TACTICAL

    Light For Life UC3.400 - 2009 Innovation Awards Winner

    Powered by a sophisticated energy management system, 5.11 Tactical's Light for Life UC3.400 Flashlight fully charges in 90 seconds and delivers up to 23.5 hours of total runtime. At about 16 ounces, the light produces 270 peak lumens in bright mode, 90 lumens in standard mode, and has a 270- lumen tactical strobe. The 3 LED bulbs on the flashlight are rated for 50,000 hours and never have to be replaced. Water, abrasion, crack and bend-resistant, the 11.5-inch UC3.400 casing is fully sealed against the elements The Light for Life UC3.400 comes with a vehicle 12V DC charging base, as well as a mounting plate and a belt ring. Accessories such as lens filters, flare cones, holsters and an AC adapter will be available.

    The UC3.400's energy management system, called FlashPoint Power Technology, utilizes environmentally friendly ultracapacitors that efficiently manage how energy is loaded into the flashlight and then optimizes how it is dispersed to maximize performance and runtime. Unlike batteries that need to be replaced, ultracapacitors quickly load and unload energy without a chemical reaction. The UC3.400 is rated for 50,000 charge/discharge cycles with virtually no degradation and no memory - even in severe temperature conditions. Other rechargeable flashlights begin to lose the ability to hold a full charge after the first use, are highly susceptible to temperature fluctuations and have an expected life of 500 to 1,000 charge/ discharge cycles.


    Micro H-1

    Aimpoint dealers, shooting industry writers, and consumer focus groups determined that the bright blue finish on the Micro H-1 sight needed to be changed to a non-reflective bead-blast finish. Effective immediately, all Micro H-1 sights shipped from Aimpoint will have this enhanced finish.

    The matte finish is expected to further increase interest in the Micro H-1. The Micr H-1 is already experiencing high demand from customers who see the performance benefit a high quality red-dot sight has on improving their shooting success, as well as the economic benefit from needing to purchase just one electronic sight. The Micro H-1 can be mounted on rifles, shotguns, handguns, black powder rifles, rimfire handguns/rifles, and dangerous game rifles -- just by swapping mounts.


    CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Kit

    Available from Troy Industries Inc., the TROY CQB (Close Quarters Battle) kit includes high quality Troy products, enhances the overall performance of the standard M4 carbine. The CQB kit, available in black, includes: the Troy rear folding battle sight; the Troy MRF-DI Drop in rail; the Troy Field Installable Sling Adapter; and the Troy Single Point Sling.


    Tactical field trauma kit with Quikclot

    Adventure Medical Kits' Tactical Field Trauma Kit with QuikClot comes stocked with ER-quality materials that let first responders to quickly and effectively treat serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. The M.O.L.L.E-compatible nylon bag comes with QuikClot Sport, which stops traumatic bleeding in less than three minutes.

    The kit also features Adaptic Petrolatum Gauze Dressing -- a non-toxic, non-irritating gauze used for dressing heavily weeping wounds that occur in the field.


    FIN Fixed Blades

    The FIN Fixed Blades are sturdy, tactical looking all-purpose knives made with black epoxy power coated D2 blades. An arched back profile and recesses in the sides of the scales ensure a secure and comfortable grip on the knife. KA-BAR Knives makes this knife available with a plain or partially serrated Drop Point or Tanto blade.

    All knives are also available with hard plastic sheath with reversible drop down attachment plate. The knife's overall length is 9 3/4 inches and its blade length is 4 7/8 inches.



    Stay Safe Media's self-defense training DVD, FOREVER ARMED: Combative Guide To The Practical Use Of Improvised Weapons, presents one-handed weapons, and straightforward, easy-to-learn tactics for the use of two-handed weapons. It also takes a critical look at improvised flexible weapons, projectile weapons, and shields.

    Michael Janich presents sound tactics, planning and preparation, environmental awareness, and a solid training methodology in FOREVER ARMED. A complete mini-system, FOREVER ARMED presents three basic combative tactics that can turn almost any object that can be wielded with one hand into a potent defensive weapon. Concentrating on simple gross-motor-skill movements, Janich's system reveals how the physiological potential of these movements can generate both offensive and defensive tactics that can be used to defend against many common street attacks. In addition to the tactics, Janich teaches a parallel series of reflex training or flow drills that not only accelerate the learning process, but also allow you to safely increase the intensity of your practice to simulate the adrenalized stress of a real street encounter. The widescreen DVD has a runtime of 1 hour and 50 minutes.


    DAMN Operator Medical Kit

    As of September 2009, RBR has ceased offering the DAMN Operator Medical Kit. The Kit is now available through OM Tactical. Product information can be found here. Company information can be found here.

    OM Tactical and the Direct Action Medical Network (DAMN) bring you the DAMN Operator Medical Kit for SWAT/SRT/SMU and other unit commanders/operators. DAMN Medical Kits offers these professionals versatility when it comes to medical intervention in special operational environments.

    The Tactical Medicine Component includes: OLAES modular bandage, Celox hemostatic granules, rubber band tourniquet, nasopharyngeal and oral airways, forceps and more. The Operation Medicine Component has: CEJAY, MK8 Glo-Wand, Green Light; tiny Cyalume CHEM lights; Tylenol; eye drops; alcohol and iodine prep pads; ammonia inhalant; burn gel and more.


    Field Survivor multi-tool

    The Samson Field Survivor is a multi-tool system that has a mechanism that secures inside the pistol grip. The Samson Field Survivor contains a broken shell extractor, wire brush for bore cleaning, a cable to pull the brush through the bore, a carbon scraping tool, a feed lip gage, a front sight adjustment tool, a flat blade screwdriver, a feed lip adjustment tool, a gas feed cleaning tool, a cotter pin hook, an ampule of oil, and a strike plate. The Field Survivor tool is designed for every AR to keep officers safe in combat, or in play on the range. The Field Survivor fits all A2 pistol grips and Hogue AR15 grips.



    The Wiley X Talon offers superior eye protection and optimum vision under changing conditions. The Talon’s frame is designed to fit securely but comfortably on a wide range of faces.

    Crafted from battlefield-tested materials that are extremely rugged, yet lightweight, the Wiley X Talon features wire core temples that easily adjust to individual head sizes and shapes. In addition, an adjustable rubber nose bridge with wire core inserts conforms to any nose shape or facial structure, for a comfortable fit that stays in place when the action gets hot. The Wiley X Talon comes with two interchangeable, shatterproof lenses (one in Smoke and one in Clear) for the protection and visibility under any lighting conditions. Each lens provides 100-percent UVA/UVB protection with distortion free clarity. Wiley X Eyewear’s shatterproof lenses exceed the U.S. Military’s stringent MIL-PRF-31003 ballistic standard and meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity impact safety standards. The Wiley X Talon’s Split Lens Design was engineered to combine vision with full peripheral protection that is critical for operators in the field. Wiley X Eyewear’s Slot technology greatly simplifies the lens changing process, allowing officers to quickly adapt to changing environments.


    556 swat pistol

    SIG SAUER Inc.'s P556 is a pistol version of the SIG556 rifle. The P556 semi-automatic pistol in 5.56 x 45mm NATO, has the same gas piston operating rod system and two position adjustable gas valve that make all SIG556 rifles reliable performers. The P556 pistol features an ergonomic pistol grip, rotating bolt, and is accepts standard AR15/M16 style magazines.

    Available in two styles, one uses an alloy quad-rail forearm for attaching lights, lasers, and other optics; while the second model utilizes a Swiss-type polymer hand guard for the clean retro look of the SG 550TM; the rifle that created the worldwide demand for precision Swiss arms. The P556 is outfitted with the SIG SAUER STS-081 Mini Red Dot Sight and is shipped in a Tactical Soft Case with one 30-round magazine.