Leading & Loving

There are sharks at the top of the tank who got there often times by stepping on others. They are the bad leaders among us.

I can write all kinds of lists about the attributes of a good leader - just as I did earlier in this very article. At the core, there is one single attribute of a good leader: A good leader loves the people he leads. He does it day-in and day-out; no matter what. That is unconditional love, i.e. putting the needs of your team ahead of your own.

Each of us has multiple opportunities to show what we are REALLY made of each day. Lt. Butter's behavior (described earlier) is a constant demonstration that he loves only himself. Sgt. Don's actions show his love and concern for those in his command without any wavering.

On which side of the line do you live?


Every January, we are encouraged to make New Year's Resolutions. 2010 is not only the beginning of a new year, it is a new decade, as well.

I encourage you to consider these two thoughts:

Have you taken the time to recognize the people in your life who love you? No, I do not mean romantically. I mean those who have shown you their love by putting your needs ahead of their own. I mean those who put up with your bad moods, poor choices for places to eat lunch, or always are willing to pick up the tab when you go out for a few pops after work.

Those folks deserve your love in return. They deserve a thank you.

Sentimental words expressed about someone at their funeral are usually well intentioned. But, they mean so much less than similar words coupled with a pat on the back and a thank you while that person is still alive to hear and appreciate them. Give that some thought.

More important: act on your thoughts. Let your actions proclaim your sentiments.

We are in a Brotherhood like no other on earth. Though we may argue, scrap and fight on occasion, the blood that binds us is stronger than any other force known to man. Be thankful that you are part of it.

The Volunteer Law Enforcement Officer Alliance, Inc. (VLEOA), is a national Reserve and Auxiliary police officer advocacy group. VLEOA is sponsoring its Annual Training Conference in Florida on February 18-21, 2010. It will feature a wide range of topics geared to Reserve and Auxiliary Police Officers being taught by experienced and highly qualified instructors. For more information, visit http://www.VLEOA.org.

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