TacMed Phantom Litter

When I got to test and use the Phantom Litter from Tactical Medical Solutions I had to expand my mind and knowledge base.

Extracting the litter from the pouch and folding it open is quick and easy. I'd seriously recommend you do that a couple times before you need to do it "under fire". Why? Because you need to learn how to fold it properly to put it back. Getting it out is easy. Getting it back in is more like putting together a slightly challenging puzzle, but doesn't it always work that way?

I started to say that, minimally, this would be a good tool for team medics, but given the rash of mass casualty incidents we've seen lately (from Virginia Tech to Ft. Hood to... well, pick a spot you've seen in the news) it might be wise for multiple team members to have these available. At about one pound in weight and not sacrificing pouch mounting space, I don't see a real downside. Budget is always a concern but these are less than $100 a piece (on the TacMed website). Getting five for your team isn't such a huge budgetary issue when you take that into consideration.

Valuable, compact and, in some cases, indespensible for use. Check it out. It may be exactly what you're looking for.

Stay Safe!

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