Too Much Technology?

Maybe some of our street smarts are being lost in this tsunami of new technology.

What I presently see as a potential threat to officer safety is the laptop computer. Utilizing it takes a significant amount of concentration. Anytime we must focus on anything inside our cars, rather than outside of them, we put ourselves at risk. What really scares me is when I see a unit at night, either on patrol or parked, with the officer inside, lit up by the computer screen. Talk about a target... From a tactical standpoint, sitting stationary at night, filling out a report with the interior illuminating the officer, is a recipe for disaster. I cringe whenever I see it, but that's a whole other issue. My personal opinion is that paperwork is best done at the station, at least in the context of officer safety.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not bashing technology - it's a wonderful thing. Better weaponry, safer body armor, stronger radios, all the improvements that have been made in policing have changed the face of law enforcement. But with change comes sometimes unwelcome results as well. My purpose here is not to bash technology, but to alert us to what new challenges need to be overcome by virtue of their arrival. Not all change is entirely good; some of it has a downside. It's up to each of us to recognize that and prepare to overcome the negatives.

Stay safe, brothers and sisters!

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