Intro To Functional Fitness Testing

If the injury rates are so high, workers' compensation costs are soaring and re-injury is prevalent in most field personnel, are the tests currently being used valid?

The Over head Squat Test is just one of many in the Fit Responder Book/Program, it happens to be my favorite because of its simplicity and accuracy. The bigger question now is what do you do after pattern/movement dysfunction has been identified? Believe it or not the answer is easier and cheaper than you think, but that is for another column.

Performing the Overhead Squat Test

Preparation: Stand facing a full mirror, feet shoulder width apart, toes straight. Hold a broom stick overhead with elbows locked.

Movement: Perform a squat, just like sitting down in a chair. Avoid letting the heels come up off the floor, keep your elbows locked.

Observe for:

Knees: They should have remained straight ahead, no rolling in or out.

Feet: They should have stayed straight and level.

Pelvis: Should not have twisted to either side.

Torso: Should have had only a slight lean forward, with a small arch in the lower back.

Head: Upright

Arms: Elbows remained locked.

If you or your department has fitness testing for Medics please drop me a line and let me know what you do and how you do it, at

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