95% of the population is prone to procrastination so you can read this article now or later.

If you are prone to procrastination you probably have some things to deal with in your personal life as well. Fix the leaky ceiling this weekend; it will rain again. Record the big game to watch when you really do have the time to see it. Check the calendar and make sure you know when your wife's birthday is; start planning now. Pay the bills early. Organize tax return paperwork; make an appointment with your accountant. If you tell your son you will play ball with him later, make sure later happens. Start studying for the corporal examination; you probably already have all the materials. The truth is if you are on top of things, you are going to feel more relaxed, more worthwhile, and more appreciated. Plus, you will be able to enjoy your down time much more if you can get the I should be doing monkey off your back.

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