Hey, Cop; Your Kid's in Jail

You slump back into the chair when you realize you recognize this person. In fact, you've known this person all their life. The DUI arrest is your teenaged son.

Having a child get into trouble can be difficult for any parent. A parent working in law enforcement adds additional elements. If you are the parent, remember you are not the cause and it doesn't mean you failed or are less of a parent or an officer. If you are a co-worker, give your support. Finally, when working with the community, be empathetic.

Bettinger sums it up, "If I knew I was going to be the parent of a criminal, I would have been nicer to parents with problem children when I answered calls for service to their homes. I would have spent more time with them. I would have learned of more options to suggest to them in dealing with their child and the problems he/she was creating. Maybe I would have created a list of referral agencies they could contact for assistance in dealing with the problem so they wouldn't wind up dealing with the same problems I eventually had to deal with."

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