SHOT Show 2010

Last week I did a quick blush through of the items that caught my eye at SHOT Show in Vegas this year. With the entire outdoor / Mil / LE writing industry focusing on SHOT Show coverage, I was tempted not to even write about this week. However, I've already gotten emails from folks wanting to know when I was going to put out "Full Coverage". Well, here it is. The format is slightly different than in years past, but the information is still here. Enjoy!!!



FNX-9 / FNX-40: One of my first stops on the SHOT Show floor was the FNH booth. Not only do I have a couple of friends who work shows for them, they always have something new and cool to show off. This year was no exception. Long time readers know that although I'm competent with rifles, I'm really a handgun kind of guy. Naturally, when I got to the FNH booth (which was as big as ever) I found my way over to the pistol displays. New for this year are the FNX-9 and the FNX-40. Standard on both of these pistols is the polymer frame with interchangeable backstraps allowing for personal adjustment to accomodate hand size. The safety lever and magazine release are both ambidextrous and the safety lever allows for double-action or single-action operation. It does double duty as a decocking lever and a manual safety. The 3-dot night sights are set into a dovetailed front sight and a dovetailed deep-U rear sight. Equal height, equal light takes on more meaning when you see the sight alignment of these pistols. There is plenty of clearance (but not too much) allowing for quick pick up and proper sight alignment. Various finishes are available and the frames are equipped standard with mil-spec rails for accessories.

FN-45 Tactical: After looking at the FNX pistols I was shown the new FN-45 Tactical pistol. I've already requested one of these for full testing and evaluation (and you all will surely get to read about that). Like the FNX pistols above, the FN-45 Tactical sports a polymer frame with interchangeable backstraps and integrated mil-spec accessory rails. The frame, though, is flat dark earth in color which is kind of a tan / brown mix. The safety lever and magazine release are ambidextrous and the safety lever performs same as it does on the FNX pistols. Three easily noticeable and highly valued differences / upgrades on this pistol are:

  1. The high profile sights front and rear. These are needed to allow for use if a suppressor is attached and to co-witness through an optic if attached.
  2. Speaking of the optic, there is a covered mounting space in the slide in front of the rear sight behind the ejection port. It allows for small optics to be attached if your mission or desires require it.
  3. The threaded barrel allows for easy mounting of a suppressor which may be required due to mission controls.

The gun felt VERY good in my hands and I look forward to doing full field testing on one.

Sig Sauer

Sig P250 2SUM: Sig Sauer's big news is the "2SUM" package that provides all the requisite parts and pieces for a full size pistol and a compact pistol in a single case / kit. Thanks to the modularity of the Sig P250, the serialized modular frame and fire control assembly can be mixed and matched with calibers, grips, triggers and slide lengths allowing the user to control all of those variables while still only owning "one" gun. The full size Sig P250 has a polymer frame with integrated accessory rail, nitron-finished stainless slide with SIGLITE night sights and is double-action only. My only criticism is that it's shipped with only one full size magazine. I mean, if you need the full size pistol then you likely have a need for at least two and probably three full size mags. The Sig 2SUM also includes a Sig P250 subcompact polymer grip, slide with SIGLITE night sights, barrel and one subcompact magazine. Again, I always carry at least one spare mag so two subcompact magazines would seem a given to me. Then again, retail on the 2SUM Pack is $945 and you're essentially getting two guns for that. I guess I can suck it up and buy the extra magazines.

Sig P238: Although I'm not a fan of the .380ACP as a primary defensive caliber, there are plenty of people out there who like it and plenty of circumstances under which it can be carried (when a larger caliber might be prohibitive). In response to the need for a wider variety of .380ACP pistols, Sig Sauer released the P238 last year. This year they are offering five new styles that combine variations in slide color / finish and grip style / material. You can now get the P238 in a two-toen finish with a dark slide over a light frame or vice versa. You can also get Blackwood Grips, Redwood Grips, gray laminated wood grips or Rosewood Grips. As a high-tech variant you can also get the P238TL which integrates a tactical laser for quick target acquisition.


The KRISS Super V .45ACP subgun and carbine grew so popular that the next evolution was inevitable. At SHOT Show 2007 TDI introduced their KRISS Super V .45ACP. This year at SHOT Show they introduced the weapon in .40S&W in response to the law enforcement demand. Avaialbe in submachine gun, carbine and semi-auto only and select-fire rifle variants, the SUPER V operating system is gaining traction and growing strong among those "in the know". Published materials state that the pricing on all of the .40S&W products will be the same as the prices for the .45ACP line which is already competitive. The KRISS Supver V SMG was previously hailed by the Military Channel's Ultimate Weapons series as the #1 Close Quarter Battle Firearm. Under the old name of Borelli Consulting, I was delighted to do a test shoot of this firearm way back in March of '07.


TX4 Storm Shotgun:

Beretta unveiled there new long gun in the Storm series of firearms: the TX4 Shotgun. Weighing under 6.5 pounds and sporting an 18" barrel the shotgun has a 5+1 capacity. Mounted on top of the receiver is a Picatinny rail for optics and 1/2" spacers are available to adjust the length of pull for the shooter.

92A1 & 96A1: Improving upon the well known and widely recognized Beretta M9 design, Beretta has now released the 92A1 99mm) and 96A1 (.40S&W) versions of the pistol. Magazine capacity has been increased in each: the 9mm version adds 2 more rounds for a max of 17+1 and the .40S&W version adds 1 more round for a max of 12+1. The frame on each incorporates a Mil-Std 1913 rail for accessories and each comes with three magazines. Finally (and maybe of most value) the new pistols use a captive recoil spring assembly. As anyone who has ever watched their recoil spring guide rod shoot across the room knows, a captive recoil spring assembly saves some potential embarassment, potential injuries and lost parts.


SOG Knives

Aura SEAL: Reportedly available in April of this year, the SOG Knives Aura SEAL is definitely something new for the market. A quick look at the grip reveals the new design effort that followed an examination of older designs and not so much what needed to be improved, but what needed to be done differently. The blade on the Aura SEAL is just under 7" long and runs 1/8" thick almost the entire length. Partially serrated and sporting an aggressive Bowie-style blade, the Aura has somewhat of a half-hilt that allows for finger protection but decreases bulk. The glass-reinforced polymer handle is over-wrapped with a pliable surface for increased traction and security of grip. Surprise of surprises, there is a carbide sharpener screwed into the grip allowing for edge maintenance without the bulk of carrying a sharpening stone or having a pouch on the sheath.

Micro ToolClip: Also new from SOG Knives is the Micro ToolClip. When you think about a multi-tool it's easy to list several dozen whiz-bang can't-live-without tools you want packed into it. If you HAD to list the most basic can't-live-without, what would they be?

  • A knife
  • A flat head (standart) screwdriver
  • A philips head screwdriver
  • A pair of pliers
  • A wire cutter
  • A file

And that's exactly what you'll find in this Micro ToolClip. No added (unnecessary) extras. Just basic and simple and priced at $20.


Tomahawk: I have been a fan of Eddie Killian and his tactical tomahawks for years now. Eddie's biggest challenge has always been production and sheaths. Production was a challenge because he quite literally hand-made every 'hawk. Sheaths were an issue because he wouldn't settle for just any old nylon thing someone provided; he was selective; he was picky. He was putting his name on it, providing it with one of his 'hawks and it had better be quality. I was quite delighted therefore when I found out that Eddie Killian was teaming up with Benchmade to produce his 'hawks. The prototypes and production models shown at SHOT Show were every bit as clean and nicely finished as Eddie's hand-made ones and the sheaths were obviously well thought out and of quality construction. I think Benchmade is going to benefit from having such a unique product line.

9CB: The other pretty neat tool that I saw in the Benchmade booth is obviously a rescue tool designated the "Model 9CB Hook". As you can see in the photo it's available in yellow (a popular "rescue" color) or black (that evil "assault" color). At one end is a spring-loaded clip making it easy to hang on a belt loop or gear loop (if you wear Warrior Wear or 5.11 Tactical pants). The hook blade is large enough to cut up to 1/2" diameter rope which makes it easily big enough to cut through every nylon strap I've ever seen. Made of "premium stainless steel" and weighing less than an ounce, this tool also incorporates the one other absolutely mandatory item for any rescuer: a bottle opener. The two neatest things about it? The carabineer clip and the retractable cover on the cutting edge. If you're going to hang this from your pants you definitely want the cutting edge covered so it doesn't bang against you - or you against it.

Lone Wolf

Double Duty Warrior G10: Shown on top in the above photo The new Double-Duty Warrior automatic is a double-action automatic that can function as a one handed opening locking-liner knife or be instantly fired in the automatic mode. The automatic firing mechanism is hidden under the handle and is activated by sliding the left side handle scale towards the back of the knife. Because there are no apparent buttons on the outside of the handle the fact that this is an automatic is known only to its owner. This makes the knife convenient to carry and use anywhere. The tough clipped point on the Warrior blade is designed to stand up to aggressive use by police and military personel. The full contour cutting edge is ideal for almost any cutting task. The blade is 3.00 inches long and .125 (1/8in.) thick built from CPM-S30V premium stainless steel for great edge retention and toughness. The liners, pocket clip and internal components are stainless steel. The handle is black high-strength checkered G-10. The Warrior is lightning fast, good looking and comfortable in the hand.

Cheyenne G10: The Cheyenne G10, shwon on the bottom, is a one-handed-opening knife was designed to be tough, sleek and comfortable in the hand or pocket. The Cheyenne’s frame and internal components are all manufactured using heat treated stainless steel, making them extremely strong and durable. The blade is 3.3 inches long and .125 (1/8 in.) thick built from CPM-S30V premium stainless steel and heat treated to Rc 60-61 for great edge retention and toughness. The blade is coated with black Titanium Nitride for a great subdued look and tough protection of the blade surface. The handles are diamond pattern checkered G-10 for a rugged, non-slip and comfortible grip. The thumb stud provides easy and abedextrous one handed opeing of the blade. A stainless steel pocket clip positions the knife deep in your pocket for convenient carry and quick access.


Barn Board Jigged: The big news from CASE this year is the number of colors that they are adding to various models. Of course, it's the handles we're talking about. Olive Green, Caramel, Brown, Autumn... the unique colors and texture of Case's Barn Bard Jigged bone handled pocket knives have fueled their rising popularity since they were introduced in 2005. There are eight patterns (designs) available with this new color of handles. Each of the hand-crafted knives is fitted with a Case Traditions shield, stainless steel blades and nickel silver bolsters.

Silver Script Green: Six full-sized knives make up the Hunter Green Silver Script family: TrapperLock, Trapper, Canoe (shown above), Large Stockman, Large Texas Toothpick and Large Swell Centered Jack. Each is fitted with Case's Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades, Hunter Green Bone Handles and nickel-silver bolsters.


CQD Mark I Type E: The CQD Mark I Type E (shown on top) is functionally identical to the original manual award-winning CQD Mark I. Featuring the same high-strength button-lock mechanism and secondary safety, recessed seatbelt/cord cutter, and carbide glass breaker, the CQD Mark I Type E has all the performance of the original but priced for every budget. The handle is made from precision injection-molded reinforced nylon mounted to a 420J stainless steel frame making the Type E super light weight. Its spear-point AUS8A stainless steel blade boasts improved edge geometry for increased cutting performance with a low-profile black PVD-coated finish. Available with a plain or partially serrated edge and a pocket clip for right or left-side, tip-down carry, the CQD Mark I Type E knife retails at $99.99.

CQD Mark II Type E: The CQD Mark II Type E Manual Folder is identical to its original version of the Mark II and features the same high-strength, plunge-lock mechanism and carbide glass-breaker, yet by having the handle constructed out of a precision injection-molded reinforced nylon mounted to a 420J stainless steel frame, the Mark II becomes an affordable performance tool. The spear point AUS8A stainless steel blade in either plain or partially serrated edge type now has an improved edge geometry for greater performance and the plunge-lock mechanism has been re-engineered to enhance its strength and durability. The CQD Mark II Type E Manual Folder can be carried right or left-side, tip-down for $79.99 retail. There is also a Mark II Type E with aluminum handles that is available for $199.99.


Revision Eyewear

Wolf Spider: I have yet to find a set of goggles as comfortable as my Desert Locusts from Revision Eyewear, but these Wolf Spider goggles are pretty comfy. Focusing on streamlining size and weight to increase comfort as well as equipment compatability, Revision did a good job with the Wolf Spider. The goggles High impact system exceeds the military ballistic impact requirements for goggles and thanks to the dual-material frame technology they've built in the goggles boast a durable protection level mixed with high comfort. The design is more low profile than the Sawfly (and every other competitor goggle I could find) while incorporating Revision's OcuMax coating to protect against fogging and scratching on the interchangeable lenses.

Fan Goggle: Of course, fogging on any goggle occurs because our bodies sweat under stress or in high temperatures - even our eye lids, upper cheeks and nose. That sweating can cause fogging on the inside of even the best goggles if we get out of control. The only way to really prevent (110%) fogging is to circulate the air inside the goggles out and bring new air in. Revision has done that too with their Desert Locust Fan Goggle. Incorporating a small fan centered above the nose and a battery mounted on the strap, the Fan Goggle has three different power settings to extend life from the AA battery. Very cool.


BlackHawk Apparel

Shirt: BLACKHAWK! hass continuously grown its line of apparel after introducing the Warrior Wear line a few years back. Now incorporating everything from boots to underwear the company continues to provide high quality modern design apparel items that serve the law enforcement and military communities - both on and off duty. The BLACKHAWK! 1700 Shirt is the casual men's shirt designed for everyday wear, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a weapon-carrying professional. The 1700 shirt's good looks and easy-care fabrics effortlessly go from the range to work, to an evening out. The lightweight, short-sleeved shirt is wrinkle-resistant, moisture wicking and, provides UV Protection 30+. It is designed with a left chest patch pocket for small items and a hidden side entry-zipper pocket for the secure storage of important items. The back yoke is pleated for ease-of-movement and the lower sides are slit for easy pant pocket access. Available in a small plaid flat weave in brown or gray or a medium plaid textured weave in blue or green in men's sizes small to 3XL for a retail price of $44.99.

Pants: BLACKHAWK!'S new Light Weight Tactical Shorts combine the features and benefits of the popular BLACKHAWK! light weight tactical pant with stylish cargo shorts for work or play. Made from durable 6.5 ounce polyester cotton blend, ripstop fabric and treated with Teflon DWR for water resistance, these shorts are durable and comfortable. Built for mobility, the hidden waistband expands while rubber grip-strips keep the shirt tucked. Featuring secure zippered pockets and gusseted thigh and leg pockets for expansion as needed, the Light Weight Tactical Shorts are available in Black, Olive Drab, Khaki and Navy. For men's even waist sizes 28 to 44" the retail price is $59.99, and for 46 to 54" the retail price is $69.99.

For the weapon-carrying professional the BLACKHAWK! TNT OPS Tactical Pant has all the performance features built in a professional and modern pant design. Made from BLACKHAWK!'s TNT material and treatment combination that produce a lightweight, highly abrasion and tear resistant fabric with water and stain resistant properties, the TNT OPS Tactical Pant is not only durable but extremely comfortable. An elasticized and padded waistband provides for increased comfort when wearing a fully-loaded duty or tactical belt, and the extra-wide, reinforced belt-loops accommodate BLACKHAWK!'s CQB Rigger Belt. Articulated knees allow for greater movement capability. The spacious cargo pockets all have external zipper pockets to keep contents secure. Available in men's even waist sizes in Clay or Navy for $79.99.

Another great tactical pant from BLACKHAWK! is the Performance Cotton Tactical Pant that has all the popular features of the Warrior Wear Tactical Pant minus the MOLLE webbing on the hip. Made from 8.5 cotton canvas the pants are wrinkle, fade and stain resistant with reinforced hems on all the "high-wear" areas such as leg cuffs and hand pockets. The Performance Cotton Tactical Pant keeps everything organized in secure pockets from a hidden zipper pocket located behind the right hand pocket, easy-access top-opening mag pouch on each leg, zippered rear wallet-hip pocket separate from large rear pockets, and angle-cut hand pockets tapered to flat edges for proper placement of knives and other pocket clip items. Like the WW Tactical Pant, this Cotton Tactical Pant is all about mobility. A hidden expandable tunnel waistband adjusts up to 4' for added comfort and rubber grip-strips in the waistband keep the shirt tucked in when in motion. Available in men's even waist sizes in Black, Khaki, Navy, and Olive Drab at a retail price of $59.99 for waist sizes 28 to 44 inches, and $69.99 for waist sizes 46 to 54 inches.

Camping & Backpacking:

BlackHawk Packs

Sling: The Sling Back Pack is BLACKHAWK!'s entry into the casual, every day pack market designed for a quick hike or a trip around town. The Sling Pack features a 3-D mesh back panel for comfort and a single ambidextrous padded sling with a swivel buckle for easy removal. The Sling Pack also features a MP-3 pocket with an outside port and two mesh storage pockets for loose items as well as a water bottle pocket with a cinch cord for security. It also has a dual-entry outside zippered pocket and grab handle for convenience as well as MOLLE webbing on the outside for attaching additional pouches. Weighing just 2.5 pounds, the Sling Back Pack is 18-inches long by 12.5-inches high and 3.5-inches wide and is available in Black or Coyote Tan for a retail price of $109.99.

Velocity X1 & X3: The Velocity X1 Jump Pack is made to the specifications of the U.S. Special Ops groups. Constructed with heavy-duty 1000 denier nylon using quad-stitched seams and double-taped edges, the Velocity X1 Jump Pack is free-fall jumpable with a reinforced attachment and harness system. Measuring 19-inches long by 13-inches high and 7-inches wide and weighing just 4.5 pounds, the Velocity X1 Jump Pack is designed for performance. With S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing over the entire pack for add-on accessory pouches and an easy-access main compartment with a front pocket and map pocket, the Velocity X1 Jump Pack can hold and carry a lot of gear. Padded shoulder straps have dual adjustment metal hardware and the two adjustable compression straps are also made with rugged metal hardware. The Velocity X1 Jump Pack also has a removable heavy-duty waist belt with three rows of S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing for a total of 12 slots. Available in Black or Coyote Tan for a retail price of $239.99. A larger pack, the Velocity X3 Jump Pack, is free-fall and static line jumpable and made to the same specifications of the U.S. Special Ops groups. Made with 1000 denier nylon with quad-stitched seams, double-taped edges and a reinforced attachment and harness system, the Velocity X3 Jump Pack is 22-inches long by 13-inches high and 8.5-inches wide, yet still lightweight at 4.5 pounds. The Velocity X3 Jump Pack also accommodates a BLACKHAWK! Cutaway Armor Carrier and is BLACKHAWK! Hydration System compatible. Featuring S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing over the entire pack, a removable heavy-duty waist belt with three rows of webbing and a pull-out protective flap with additional webbing on the bottom of the pack, the Velocity X3 Jump Pack is a serious performer. Available in Black or Coyote Tan for a retail price of $299.99.

Ultralight 3-day Assault: Made to look like the classic BLACKHAWK! 3-Day Assault Pack, the Ultralight 3-Day Assault Backpack weighs in at only 2.75 pounds. Constructed with light weight 210/330 denier and 210 denier high-tenacity rip stop nylon, the Ultralight 3-Day Assault Backpack is also BLACKHAWK! Hydration System compatible. S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing all over the pack allows for additional pouches to be added on. The pack also features an easy-access main compartment with a front pocket and a map pocket and a Velcro patch for and identification patch attachment. The Ultralight 3-Day Assault Backpack has padded shoulder straps with D-rings and a removable heavy-duty waist belt. Available in Black or Coyote Tan for a retail price of $159.99.


Sleeping Bags: When you spend most nights in a bed, adjusting to a sleeping bag can take a few nights to become completely familiar. With the new Coleman Scoop-Neck Sleeping Bags' new design features, the top of the bag functions more like the bedding of a traditional bed, allowing more comfortable head positioning for better rest.

By making the top of the bag shorter than the bottom or base of the bag, the resulting exposed area becomes a headrest that keeps heads off the floor and pillows from sliding out in the middle of the night. Filled with insulation, this headrest can also function as a pillow when needed. With both regular sizes suited for users up to 5 feet, 11 inches tall and big & tall sizes for user up to 6 feet, 4 inches tall, Coleman's new scoop neck-style sleeping bags are available in versions for warm weather (40-60F), cool weather (30-50F) and cold weather (20-40F). Fitted with varying weights of ThermoTech insulation and soft, brushed exteriors and liners, these sleeping bags will keep sleepers comfortable whether they’re deep in the woods or having a sleepover in the living room.

Each of these new Coleman sleeping bags feature the industry's only patented anti-snag zipper, FiberLock construction to prevent uneven distribution of insulation, and Roll Control & Quick Cord easy rolling features to ensure proper storage. Beginning in 2010, Coleman sleeping bags will also change the way consumers shop for outdoor gear by giving easy-to-read comfort zone and size ratings on the end of each package. Driven by consumer requests for added information to make purchase decisions easier, these easily identified marks will help ensure that users can select the ideal bag for any outing.

Lanterns: The Coleman LED Quad Lantern launched in 2009, quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most innovative, unique and user-friendly lights available to outdoor enthusiasts. Following in the wake of the original, Coleman's new XPS LED Duo Lantern brings versatility and innovation to users who require something smaller.

The LED Duo Lantern functions just like the original LED Quad Lantern but with two removable panels. Featuring 12 5-mm LEDs (six per removable side panel) that never need to be replaced, the Duo Lantern may be smaller in stature but it delivers big performance. Producing 96 lumens of light output from an XPS 4D Battery Pack (6V rechargeable battery pack optional), the LED Duo Lantern will run for 76 hours - more than enough for an extended weekend stay at the campground. Each panel, operated by a rechargeable battery, offers its own on/off switch and will run for 1.5 when removed from the docking station for quick trips to the shower house or anywhere else. Once placed back into the docking station, the panels will be recharged. Because it's XPS compatible, the 4D battery or rechargeable power pack can be interchanged with any Coleman XPS-compatible product for added efficiency and lower cost of ownership.

Tent Lighting: Forget searching through a mound of sleeping bags and clothes for flashlights; enter and exit the tent with complete safety and privacy. Coleman's new LED Tent Lighting System with XPS Energy Pack allows campers to integrate lighting into their shelter, bringing the convenience of hands-free illumination to a place where it is needed most. Powered by Coleman's new 6V XPS Energy Pack, which can be used to power any XPS-compatible Coleman product, the LED Tent Lighting System will run for 40 hours and offers both high/low settings and a night light function for non-disruptive nighttime use or privacy when changing. On hard-wired models (available on the Elite Sundome 6, Elite Montana 8, Elite Evanston 8, Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened, and Signature Stonewall 9), the system will have a wall-mounted, backlit switch meaning there are no remotes to lose. The XPS Energy Pack, powered by 4 D-cell batteries or a rechargeable battery, can also be used to recharge today's most popular tech devices like cell phones and mp3 players using a convenient USB port.


BlackHawk Tanto Light Hiker: Built upon BLACKHAWK!'s experience in developing all-day comfort and combat durability for warfighter and law officer footwear, the Tanto Light Hiker provides both comfort and performance in a lightweight, breathable shoe. As a trail shoe, the Tanto Light Hiker provides outstanding traction ability and unparalleled stability. The Tanto Light Hiker offers excellent pronation control by absorbing the shock of each step and keeping the foot properly aligned whether on flat, even surfaces or uneven trails. The heel is semi-rigid, offering more support, and the top cap is reinforced for protection as well as durability. The custom molded footbed is an anti-microbial Ortholite footbed that is not only breathable and quick drying, but will not break down or lose its microbial fighting effectiveness over time. The injected insole board is waterproof. The sole features multi-directional lugs for better traction, and the self-cleaning feature keeps debris from gathering between the lugs. The Tanto Light Hiker is made from either gray or tan nubuck suede with a lightweight, breathable nylon mesh upper and a quick-access bungee lacing system with a cordlock that keeps your laces neat. Available in men's sizes 6M to 14W in tan or gray suede; the new Tanto Light Hiker has an MSRP of $99.99.


BH Dynamic Entry

Collapsible Breacher: Dynamic Entry spent several years in development of a world-class collapsible tool line that would exceed all the requirements of the operators in the field. At the heart of this revolutionary design is an expoxied fiberglass core surrounded by two interlocking stainless steel shafts which house a specially designed dual locking mechanism. The entire handle system is surrounded by a durable molded jacket which provides the operator with a grip surface and also protects the locking mechanism from dirt and debris. The 7.4-pound Collapsible Breacher features the newly redesigned tempered stainless steel wedge that includes friction ridges on all contact surfaces that are counter-angled to the head. Designed specifically to grip breaching surfaces securely, these counter-angled friction ridges also provide stability during breaching operations and prevent too slippage. The Collapsible Breacher provides the operator with two lengths: 16.75 inches when collapsed and 24.5 inches when fully extended for added leverage. MSRP is $399.99.

Collapsible Mini Thundersledge: features a 6-pound, drop-forged head and weighs 10.2 pounds total. Fully extended for added striking force, the Collapsible Mini Thundersledge is 22-inches and when collapsed it is 14.5-inches in length. MSRP is $349.99.

There is also a collapsible Hallagan tool, featuring a newly redesigned tempered stainless steel wedge and horn that includes friction ridges on all contact surfaces that are counter-angled to the head. Designed specifically to grip breaching surfaces securely, these counter-angled friction ridges also provide stability during breaching operations and prevent tool slippage. The Collapsible Stainless Hallagan Tool is 16.75-inches when collapsed and 24.5-inches when extended for added leverage and weighs 7.7 pounds. MSRP is $399.99.

Stay Safe!