SHOT Show 2010

Where else can you get together with 58,000 of your closest friends and act like kids in a candy shop?

Sig P238: Although I'm not a fan of the .380ACP as a primary defensive caliber, there are plenty of people out there who like it and plenty of circumstances under which it can be carried (when a larger caliber might be prohibitive). In response to the need for a wider variety of .380ACP pistols, Sig Sauer released the P238 last year. This year they are offering five new styles that combine variations in slide color / finish and grip style / material. You can now get the P238 in a two-toen finish with a dark slide over a light frame or vice versa. You can also get Blackwood Grips, Redwood Grips, gray laminated wood grips or Rosewood Grips. As a high-tech variant you can also get the P238TL which integrates a tactical laser for quick target acquisition.


The KRISS Super V .45ACP subgun and carbine grew so popular that the next evolution was inevitable. At SHOT Show 2007 TDI introduced their KRISS Super V .45ACP. This year at SHOT Show they introduced the weapon in .40S&W in response to the law enforcement demand. Avaialbe in submachine gun, carbine and semi-auto only and select-fire rifle variants, the SUPER V operating system is gaining traction and growing strong among those "in the know". Published materials state that the pricing on all of the .40S&W products will be the same as the prices for the .45ACP line which is already competitive. The KRISS Supver V SMG was previously hailed by the Military Channel's Ultimate Weapons series as the #1 Close Quarter Battle Firearm. Under the old name of Borelli Consulting, I was delighted to do a test shoot of this firearm way back in March of '07.


TX4 Storm Shotgun:

Beretta unveiled there new long gun in the Storm series of firearms: the TX4 Shotgun. Weighing under 6.5 pounds and sporting an 18" barrel the shotgun has a 5+1 capacity. Mounted on top of the receiver is a Picatinny rail for optics and 1/2" spacers are available to adjust the length of pull for the shooter.

92A1 & 96A1: Improving upon the well known and widely recognized Beretta M9 design, Beretta has now released the 92A1 99mm) and 96A1 (.40S&W) versions of the pistol. Magazine capacity has been increased in each: the 9mm version adds 2 more rounds for a max of 17+1 and the .40S&W version adds 1 more round for a max of 12+1. The frame on each incorporates a Mil-Std 1913 rail for accessories and each comes with three magazines. Finally (and maybe of most value) the new pistols use a captive recoil spring assembly. As anyone who has ever watched their recoil spring guide rod shoot across the room knows, a captive recoil spring assembly saves some potential embarassment, potential injuries and lost parts.


SOG Knives

Aura SEAL: Reportedly available in April of this year, the SOG Knives Aura SEAL is definitely something new for the market. A quick look at the grip reveals the new design effort that followed an examination of older designs and not so much what needed to be improved, but what needed to be done differently. The blade on the Aura SEAL is just under 7" long and runs 1/8" thick almost the entire length. Partially serrated and sporting an aggressive Bowie-style blade, the Aura has somewhat of a half-hilt that allows for finger protection but decreases bulk. The glass-reinforced polymer handle is over-wrapped with a pliable surface for increased traction and security of grip. Surprise of surprises, there is a carbide sharpener screwed into the grip allowing for edge maintenance without the bulk of carrying a sharpening stone or having a pouch on the sheath.

Micro ToolClip: Also new from SOG Knives is the Micro ToolClip. When you think about a multi-tool it's easy to list several dozen whiz-bang can't-live-without tools you want packed into it. If you HAD to list the most basic can't-live-without, what would they be?

  • A knife
  • A flat head (standart) screwdriver
  • A philips head screwdriver
  • A pair of pliers
  • A wire cutter
  • A file

And that's exactly what you'll find in this Micro ToolClip. No added (unnecessary) extras. Just basic and simple and priced at $20.


Tomahawk: I have been a fan of Eddie Killian and his tactical tomahawks for years now. Eddie's biggest challenge has always been production and sheaths. Production was a challenge because he quite literally hand-made every 'hawk. Sheaths were an issue because he wouldn't settle for just any old nylon thing someone provided; he was selective; he was picky. He was putting his name on it, providing it with one of his 'hawks and it had better be quality. I was quite delighted therefore when I found out that Eddie Killian was teaming up with Benchmade to produce his 'hawks. The prototypes and production models shown at SHOT Show were every bit as clean and nicely finished as Eddie's hand-made ones and the sheaths were obviously well thought out and of quality construction. I think Benchmade is going to benefit from having such a unique product line.

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