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Students and law enforcement get hands-on experience in the Marshall University crime scene house

   The university also owns a former hospital building that is made available exclusively for forensic science and has multiple rooms. The OSBI has used the crime scene hospital to stage a school shooting scenario, and UCO students recently staged a stabbing scene, which included evidence like the knife, fingerprints, shoeprints in blood, hairs and fibers.

Living stories

   Steps are taken today to secure accredited forensic disciplines and enhance the hands-on training available to the up-and-coming generation, like the applied sciences are at the forefront of the crime scene house's initiative.

   In the crime scene house, MU students are able to iron out the investigation kinks and capabilities to complement the methods they study in class and textbooks.

   Despite the robberies, drug busts and death investigations the house is privy to, the three-story dwelling remains alive, bustling with students, staff and science each week.

Free FBI training at MU

   Marshall University Forensic Science Center is also host to free forensic-based FBI training courses. The FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program sponsors several crime scene, handwriting examination and tire and foot impression courses between one to two weeks long. Accepted applicants have lodging, meals and transportation to the training location paid by the FBI.

   Courses are open only to law enforcement, government agencies and public crime laboratory personnel. Courses are scheduled to take place this year from March to September.

   To apply, visit and fill out an application form to submit via e-mail. Applications must be submitted one per course at least 60 days prior to the course start date.

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