An online degree

Online programs are similar to brick-and-mortar institutions, yet offer unique advantages scheduled classes and uncomfortable desks can't

   Further information on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program can be found at

Worth the effort

   Offering his insight into describing the differences between experience and education, Clay says that an officer does in fact need to have experience for his career, but — just like an education — it takes time to gain. "Whether it be a traditional or online school, you get what you put into it," he says. "I think that an education teaches people how to communicate, whether it is writing or speaking — pure experience doesn't provide that."

   In his experience with the ILEETA training conferences, Hedden knows the law enforcement career can change year to year. As our own world becomes more complex and technologically advanced, law enforcement training and education must try to keep pace.

   Clay agrees, and believes law enforcement will see a change in how crime is committed and what is demanded of police officers, and that officers with a college education will be better prepared to meet the needs of the community.

International Academy of Public Safety

   Fusion LLC, the creators and distributors of Forensic TV, a provider of online and in-house training for forensic and crime scene investigators, launched of the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS).

   The Academy is dedicated to the continued education of all professionals in the public safety community. It provides a learning management system that offers a variety of rich-media and interactive training courses to all local, state, national and international members of the public safety community.

   Forensics TV, Fusion Companies' original learning product, has been on the market for more than two years. It is used by members of public safety departments and covers all disciplines within forensic science.

   New products like fire and rescue training include general to advanced fire operations, rescue operations, and fire and rescue management. Areas of police methods and training include general operations, in-service training, safety, investigations and management. In a news release, the company release also mentions it hopes to offer training courses for EMS personnel, military police, corrections personnel and physical security by end of 2010.

   The International Academy of Public Safety and its training can be found at:

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