Police Week - Just Invite 'Em!

Police Week is the experience of a lifetime. Please come. I would be happy to show you around.

TO: Officer Joshua Mathew Williams
FROM: Your daughter, Lisa

Dear Daddy,

I am 13 now, and am really growing up fast. I'm very different, looking like a young lady. My mouth looks like the front end of a Cadillac because, you see, I have braces.

I am playing soccer this year and I was in the school play. I just had a small part, but I did my best, because that's what you taught me to do.

Johnny is 10 now, and he really makes me mad sometimes. But, Mom says that I have to be patient because he's my little brother and we all need one another. We're doing OK, but I know that Mom really misses you. I see her sitting in her favorite chair looking at your picture. I think she cries sometimes.

We miss you, Daddy, and we wish so badly that you could be here.

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to paint the pictures of the sunsets, Daddy. They are hanging in the hallway. I see them every morning when I get up. They remind me of you and how lucky we are to have a Daddy like you.


I have read that letter to the students of every class that I have taught since that day. I've made sure that a copy is in their student books.

We cannot tell this story too much.

Now, the time is right to share the story with your buddies and pals - cops who have thought about going to Police Week. There are plenty of cops who are not sure of exactly where to sign up, where to stay and what to do once they arrive. If you have been to Police Week, you already know.

Just Invite Them! Take away their fear of the unknown. Show them the ropes. It is a real treat to be along with a first-timer just to see their reaction to all that is unfolding before them for the first time.

Mention it at roll call. Talk about it over your lunch break. Throw it out there while you are waiting your turn to testify at Court.

If a person is a cop because it is in their heart, I say to them: "You deserve to be there - at least once," knowing full well that once they have experienced it, they will likely return. That is just the way it is.

Police Week is the experience of a lifetime. Please come. I would be happy to show you around.

Be safe, my brothers & sisters. I hope to see you in person in D.C. in May.

Comments or questions are welcome. Email messages can be sent by simply clicking on my name below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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