5 Best Back Exercises

There is no shortage of research or lack of co-workers to tell you that your chance of surviving a career in public safety without a back injury is slim to none.

  • Brace your abdominals, and maintain spinal alignment.
  • Raise your torso up off the floor, hold and repeat. Continue on the opposite side.


  • Keep the glute muscles engaged throughout the exercise. Progression
  • Perform with hip abduction.

Prone Stance Reach Under- Reach out
Everything Muscle

Resistance: Body Weight
Hold time: 2 Sec.
Repetitions: 10-12
Sets: 2-3


  • Begin in the push up position, feet should be wider than shoulder width. Strict attention to neutral spine and a stable pelvis.


  • With your abs braced and glutes contracted reach under your body to the opposite hip, hold for 3 sec. and reach out at a 45' angle and hold for 3 sec., perform all 10-12 reps prior to switching sides.


  • It is of paramount importance to keep your pelvis still, keep your knees locked and feet still. This is a fantastic exercise that incorporates the entire abdominal wall. Imagine the stick is on your back as you perform this exercise.


  • Increase your hold time, alternate arms, use a very light dumbbell.

Dumbell Scaption 'V'
Scapula-Rotator Cuff-Postural Stability/Endurance

Resistance: Dumbbell
Hold time: 2 sec.
Repetitions: 12-15
Sets: 2-3


  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Or lay (prone on an incline bench, prone on ball.)


  • Brace your abdominals, retract the cervical spine. (Neutral Spine Position)
  • Stabilize your arms in a straight position.
  • With your thumbs pointing up slowly raise the dumbbells out to your sides in a narrow 'V' position.
  • Return to the start position and repeat.


  • Maintain (cervical) neck retraction.
  • Be sure not to shrug. (upper trap muscles)
  • Make sure to not raise arms above ear level.

If you or your department has fitness testing for Medics please drop me a line and let me know what you do and how you do it, at bryan@fitnessprogramsplus.com.

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