5 Simple Wellness Strategies

I sincerely hope that employing some simple strategies into your day will help you to see how easy it is to be healthy and well.

5) You are what you eat

Look, we all know this, eat well, eat less, make good choices. But have you actually kept a diet journal? Do you realize that you probably binge eat/over eat during your shift?! Chances are that you do, why? It's the nature of the beast, eat when you can and eat a fast and a lot when you do. Please stop, you are killing your metabolism and yourself for that matter.

The simplest thing to do is bring your food with you. If your meals are pre-planned you will eat proper portions and eat more frequently, which will rev up your metabolism. Avoid sugar at all costs. We in EMS know the end result of what sugar does to your body. Seriously, the first step is to keep a food journal. Write down everything that enters your mouth, and you will be amazed at how an objective look at your eating habits will help to guide you toward better eating.

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