Mind & Body To Win

It is not enough to have intent and motivation to win you must also have the motor skills ingrained in life saving tactics.

From static blocked training sessions where we repeat skills again and again to ingrain them we need to go to random training events where we must be forced to download the skills we've trained from our short-term memory in response to a stimulus and shoot, move and communicate. Life is a live-fire 360 degree environment that forces us to react and respond to outside threats.

The trained officer bringing adequate skill, intent and emotion to the fight needs another component in his arsenal - confrontation simulation. He or she needs to go up against another living, breathing human being that can think, aggress, move, throw blows and shoot back. Our officers need that added component of uncertainty, fear and anxiety to course through their system so that they learn to overcome it and operate under its influence. They need to feel their heart pound in their chests as they enter an SNS (Sympathetic Nervous System) reaction to perceived threats.

Mind / Body Training

In short, officers need to train:

  • Realistically
  • Regularly
  • With Intent
  • With Emotion
  • Under Stress (whether self created or by trainers)
  • With Intensity
  • Against another human being
  • Training their brains and their bodies through physical and mental training involving emotion, focus, drive and motivation

Proper training and practice develops your will and skill (Mind / Body) to win! Invest in it with the understanding that you want and need both aspects to win the day and emerged unscathed!

Two excellent books (linked below) have just been published on this subject and I highly recommend you study them both.

  • Enhance your experience.

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