The Lone Wolf Gunman

The year 2010 has brought unprecedented Lone Wolf attacks on U.S. soil: three to be exact.

The modern terrorist era has burdened law enforcement at an ever growing and accelerating rate. Tracking every lead is draining to human resources and technology. Prevention for Lone Wolf attack should focus on intelligence gathering by law enforcement officials and the community. It is very difficult to predict what or who a Lone Wolf will identify as his prey; however, these individuals do not operate in a vacuum. They need to acquire skills and equipment to orchestrate their attack, whether it is internet browsing history or the attainment of chemical substances. They will more than likely bring suspicion to themselves as they progress through the four stages of a criminal predator.

This is the new Leaderless Resistance plaguing America’s freedom. As stated earlier, 2010 has encountered three Lone Wolf incidents this year to date. With equal importance, all three targets were symbolic of the United States Government. Perhaps this is the new trend for Lone Wolf attacks. The ideology of these individuals should be examined and from that lessons learned should be applied. Regardless, Community Awareness and Education, proactive law enforcement strategies and target hardening of facilities should become the triad for Lone Wolf defense.

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