Colt's Grip Laser

The unit is pistol-grip shaped, incorporates an LED light, a laser aiming device and attaches via a quick release lever to any picatinny rail system.

So, I mounted my unit, zeroed it and did some dry runs with it. The dry runs were interior searches in no-light situations. The LED light worked well for navigation and in room-size environments served well enough. On the range I fired about 50 rounds, dismounted the unit, threw it around some, remounted it and fired another 50. I didn't observe that the zero had changed drastically and certainly not enough to be of concern in CQB combat situations at those expected distances.

When I was done with range testing I mounted the unit on my son's paintball gun and let him run some drills with it. He's 12 years old and within minutes was manipulating the light / laser selector switch without much thought. His larger challenge is using the unit mindful that it can give away his position if he's not careful.

Off the paintball gun and onto the airsoft M4 the unit went. We rezeroed it and shredded some paper targets in the backyard using the laser aiming device.

Were the paintball gun and airsoft gun necessary testing? Nope - but they were fun.

All in all I'm pretty impressed with the unit. Retail price is $399 on the LaserMax website (linked below). I found one priced at $373 after a Google search so do your homework. It's a handy and functional unit if the combined accessories suit your needs.

Stay Safe.

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