Off Duty Fitness

HIT is a style of exercise that will boost heart rate, metabolism, muscle endurance and anaerobic capacity.

On the street it does not matter how many reps with X % of body weight you can do in 90 seconds. What matters is muscular efficiency coupled with muscular endurance; this cannot be achieved if movements that are inherently dangerous are regularly performed. With that being said there is a time and place for tactical fitness routines but that is best left for the tactical officers and even then superb flexibility and agility must be standard in these officers. Personally I prefer one day per workout week devoted to tactical fitness. The rest should be spread out with HIT and strength training that incorporates postural stabilization movements to pre-habilitate the common injury points.

Now that all the ground work has been done lets provide a sample routine to follow. This routine is designed for the experienced fitness enthusiast, which means in the gym consistently 3 or more times per week. Warm up with some jogging and functional Stretching. It would not be a bad idea to get on the foam roller and do some self myofascial release prior to this workout. For the novice exercisers out there simply cut down the sets to 2 or 3 and take two minutes rest between.

Sequence # 1: Bar Therapy using an Olympic bar. 5 reps each of 1) Deadlift 2) Bent over row 3) Hang Clean 4) front squat 5) squat press. Remember to perform each exercise without rest but with strict attention to technique. Rest 90 seconds and repeat for a total of 3 sets.

Sequence # 2: Kettle Bell Madness using a Kettle Bell (or a dumbbell) perform for 7 repetitions 1) Squat chop 2) Overhead Squat 3) Swings 4) Squat to Chest Press 5) Kettle Bell Push up. Again, no rest between exercises, 90 seconds between sets for 3 sets.

Sequence # 3: Clean Up For 7 repetitions perform 1) Turkish get ups (3 reps each side) 2) Burpee Pull-ups 3) Bench Jump 4) Plyometric Pull ups (jump pull ups). For this final sequence only 60 seconds rest between sets.

The bottom line is to have fun, work hard, use excellent technique and above all be fit, strong, healthy and much more physically able than your opponent.

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