Extreme Beam TAC24

When I get lights to test, one of the things I do is abuse them pretty well. The latest victim of my abuse is the TAC24 from Extreme Beam.

In addition to using the light for shooting I also used it... well... as a chunk of junk to beat up. The road in front of my house is a gravel road and I chucked my T&E light as far as I could down that road five times. It still worked. Scratched yes, dented no. Still functional. Not satisfied I decided that maybe it wasn't impacting hard enough when it landed after the throw, so I simply threw it straight down at the grown, slamming it into the gravel roadway five times. It still worked. More scratches. No dents. Finally I rolled over it one time with the front and rear passenger side tires of my Ram Truck... and... it still worked. It looked pretty beat up, but it functioned.

THE MSRP of $305.00 on the Extreme Beam website is in line with today's market for such lights of this performance. Accessories to include extra recharge kits, remote touch pressure switch caps, gun mount sets, etc are also available on their site. I did my usual Google search and was unsuccessful at finding the lights available through another source. Never-the-less, I'd encourage you to do your own search when the time comes.

Stay Safe.

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