Fail Zero AR-15 Basic Kit

Anyone who's ever cleaned all the carbon and grit out of a well-lubricated rifle will understand how dry lubrication can be quite desirable.

Satisfied that the system - as matched - wasn't going to fail, I went back to the 100 yard line and assumed my prone / sand-bagged shooting position. One 30-round magazine produced ten 3-shot groups that ranged between 1/2-MOA and one MOA. The majority of the groups spanned the 1/2-MOA to 3/4-MOA size. Of the ten groups I had one that was sub-1/2-MOA and one that was almost exactly 1 MOA (just slightly under). Just as I had the day before, with the stock equipment, the FailZero bolt kit had supported the consistency of the 1/2-MOA to 3/4-MOA groups.

Just to double check I put another two 30-round magazines worth through and confirmed the group sizes throughout. Then came the fun part (yeah, right)...

At home I field stripped the weapon to clean it. FailZero specifies a stainless steel brush as necessary and a dull edged instrument for cleaning out the bolt gas nozzle end. By and large, the fouling / dirt on the bolt carrier wiped off with a rag. I had to use the brush around bolt face, extractor and ejector. Cleaning the inside of the rifle wasn't as easy - that was obvious.

Now, let's talk a moment about this "EXO Technology" that coats the bolt and carrier. The FailZero site says this about EXO Technology:

This unique, breakthrough technology creates a permanently lubricious surface, harder than the substrate itself, which eliminates the need for grease, oil, or any wet lubrication for the life of the weapon. Unlike films, conventional coatings and applied lubricants, it will never rub off, never flake off, never build up crud. EXO Technology eliminates wet-lubrication failures of critical components, giving you an "active weapon advantage" under all conditions.

Proven by DoD tests, SWAT teams, tactical experts.
The patented EXO Technology used in FAILZERO upgrades has been thoroughly tested and proven effective by UCT Defense - a division of UCT Coatings and developer of EXO Technology - and by the U.S. Department of Defense. Test results include:

  • 50,000 lube-free rounds on AR-15s.
  • 15,000 lube-free rounds on M9 pistols.
  • 18,000 lube-free rounds on carbine rifles.
  • 23,000 lube-free rounds on machine guns.

Obviously I hadn't gotten anywhere near 50,000 rounds in my test bed. The EXO "dry lubrication" seems to work. It certainly made cleaning the bolt and carrier easier after I'd fired the weapon and I could discern no appreciable or measurable difference in accuracy of the weapon with this kit installed. Ultimately that adds up to a more reliable equally accurate weapon if you use this upgrade. For more information or to order yours, visit the FailZero website.

Happy Trails!

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