Legalizing Marijuana

Whether you support the legalization of marijuana or not you'll find statistics to prove your point.

Growers and distributers of marijuana run the risk of retaliation from the Mexican Cartels and other locals involved in the trade. There are more intoxicated persons on the streets, increasing DUI/DWI charges. Abandoned marijuana labs also wreak havoc on the environment. These labs leak pollution, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides into the ground. These are cleaned at tax payer expense and have a long lasting impact on the environment. There are abandoned outdoor growth operations on public parks, both state and federal.

Are we naïve enough to think that if we just legalize marijuana that all of our problems are going to be solved? Do you think that the Mexican drug cartels are going to stop their flow into the United States because the drug is now legal? How can the government guarantee the safety to its citizens when we can't even secure our boarder?

The issue of marijuana is not about medicinal use. It's always been about money. Tens of thousands have been murdered on the US/Mexico border in the last several years and to turn a blind eye to this issue is negligent on our part and dangerous to our national security. This fight won't be won if we have politicians promoting the use and taxation of an illegal drug to fill federal, state or local coffers. This simply goes against the basic fundamentals of a civilized society and allows our government to become nothing less than drug dealers.

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