MIL Inventory Lessons Learned

There is a lot that we can learn from those in the military.

Next in our list is illumination devices. In some instances this is a simple flashlight. Contemporary lights using LED lamps are the most durable. Unfortunately, it's hard to find such that produce good amounts of light (60+ lumens) using common AA batteries. If you find such, pick it up quick. It's near invaluable. Have extra batteries for your light no matter what kind of batteries it takes. Obviously our military forces have other illumination devices such as infra-red, night vision, laser illumination / targeting, etc. Being realistic, none of us will need those capabilities in the kind of survival situations we shoudl expect to face. Those technologies have their place in the combat arena but we shouldn't be facing that kind of targeted combat.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes everything from a "gas mask" to protective eye wear and body armor. Kevlar lined gloves can be considered PPE. Which levels / items of PPE you choose are entirely dependent on the conditions you expect to encounter or want to be prepared for. I always and highly recommend protective eyewear. If you don't wear glasses - or even if you do - clear protective eyewear is imperative. Under crisis conditions there are far too many circumstances that exist which can present a threat to your vision. Today's market has quite a few protective eyewear manufacturers such as Revision Eyewear - the eyewear issued to our U.S. Army soldiers. Good protective eyewear, like Revision's, offers full wrap-around protection manufactured from materials that offer resistance to ballistic penetration.

The last item on our list is shelter material. As a trainee in basic training I was given half of a tent (commonly called a "shelter half") and told to find someone with the other half. That was my tent partner. In the infantry I was issued two ponchos and told one of them was for making my "hooch". Even in the desert it becomes necessary to have a place of shade and that poncho can be worth its weight in gold.

A tarp can serve the same purpose. Whatever you do, don't just neglect or forget about your shelter needs. Don't assume that your vehicle will be all the shelter you need or that you can make shelter out of whatever you find. Proper shelter is mandatory and should protect you from the sun and rain. If it insulates your space providing warmth or coolness as necessary, all the better - but that's only comfort. That's not survival.

Stay Safe!

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