Terrorism's Corporate Connection

Chief Operating Officer, Accountants, Skilled-Unskilled workers, Recruitment, Collaborative Partnerships and Temporary positions will appear within these terrorist organizations.

Longevity of any organization relies on its ability to retain and recruit individuals, whether if they are skilled, unskilled or temporary. Recruitment often stems from the product that the company offers or the compensation that it pays to its employees. Al-Qaeda offers both incentives. The product is simple - global domination of Muslim extremist law: Sharia . Individuals who subscribe to this type of Ideology are often difficult to persuade to change their values. Additionally this ideology subscribes to martyrdom for suicide bombers. Therefore, motivation for recruitment is on a spiritual level. For some, individual spiritual fulfillment is enough; however, others are driven by tangible assets, such as money. Al-Qaeda fulfills both needs, spiritual and material wealth for its employees. Furthermore, the internet, as for corporate business, is often utilized as a recruitment tool for Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda's recruitment tactics utilize a blend of traditional and modern avenues to ensure that their organization maintains adequate human resources.

Many times it is not what you know that will accomplish a mission, but rather who you know. Terrorist organizations, such as Al-Qaeda also subscribe to this philosophy. As stated earlier, Bin-Laden has aligned his organization with various terrorist state-sponsored governments. From these governments Bin-Laden can draw human resources, as well as recognized government support. This government support can be leveraged to attain financial benefits for the terrorist organization. These alliances may be temporary or long-term; regardless they are meticulously rehearsed for maximum organizational benefits.

In conclusion, terrorist organizations mimic business model plans. Perhaps by identifying the varied components of these organizations law enforcement can strike with surgical precision to dissect terrorist organizations. Like any business a market must exist for the business to flourish. Experts agree that for a terrorist organization to exist, the country must be in a weak state of affairs. This statement then leads to the question: if a weak state of affairs leads to the creation of terrorist organizations is there a correlation between America's state of affairs and the upcoming Home Grown Terrorists?

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