Officer Down Aftermath

There has been a 43% increase related to officers who have died in the line of duty this year. That means there has been a 43% increase in the number of survivors of fallen officers.


The death of an officer in the line of duty affects everyone: the officer's family, the agency in which he worked, the community, and every brother in blue. It is essential that departments are able to properly handle the survivors' needs in these devastating realties. If you are involved in the aftermath of such a tragedy and don't know what you can or should do, simply ask yourself, "What would my family want done at a time like this?" "What would help my partners?" Departments must provide emotional/psychological support as well as ongoing debriefing sessions for the co-workers of fallen officer. Do not forget to include dispatch and administrative staff; they were affected as well. Follow-up with the officer's family is also essential. Unfortunately, officers will continue to die in the line of duty; it is paramount that agencies prepare to handle this ongoing possibility. If you don't have a plan COPS can and wants to help.

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