Revealing our new look

   Each month in Law Enforcement Technology, we aim to provide you with the most up-to-date news, emerging trends and companies that provide innovative, maintainable and easy-to-use products for law enforcement. We'd be remiss not to turn that mirror on ourselves from time to time, too.

   That's why we're proud to debut our new look this month. We've revamped our cover to share more of the issue's contents with you up front and provide better ease of use by including page numbers and information on what's new each month.

   Next month's issue will share a cover-to-cover revival including new looks to our columns, features and the table of contents.

   Though our look has changed, our mission and content will not. In combination with our family of police publications and events, LET has sunk deep roots in the industry and into knowing and understanding what issues are critical to you. Each issue we strive to find ways to solve your policing problems from management issues (Page 68), profiling high-tech futuristic equipment coming down the pike (Page 18), or imparting novel and simple software solutions (Page 66).

   We think this new look presents a more user-friendly package in which you can receive the insight, analysis and news you've come to expect.

   Thank you, constant reader, for your service and duty. As always we're here to better help serve you, while you safeguard all.

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