Exercise Insanity

It never ceases to amaze me the length that people will go to in their attempt to be fit.

Core strength, anaerobic conditioning and Power development: three things that are rarely trained in the gym properly. If you plan on sitting down to exercise or even worse laying down on a bench then there is no way to achieve safe and effective fitness. As an officer it's part of your job to be fit and strong. By no means do you need to squat a ton and bench three plates. While impressive, it has little carryover onto the street.

Some tips on how to change your training and rapidly get the results desired are to master the technique of spine stiffening. Perform exercises that require you to stand, often on one leg. Find a trainer or coach that has studied the principles discussed here, and make sure they understand the postural distortions inherent to the job. Learn self care techniques such as self massage and foam roll myofascial release to mobilize tissue and increase performance while decreasing your chance of injury.

The fact that you are reading this article and hopefully some of the others posted on officer.com means you are open to and ready to change. Let's work smarter and not necessarily harder while staying injury free.

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