A Cop Who Is STILL Married; WT!?!

With faith, hope, support, and devotion to love each other and your goals, marriage can not only survive law enforcement's challenges, but be enriched by them.

Our marriage has flourished since, but it has not been without give and take and occasional difficulties. We have faced all the challenges all police marriages face; the hours, missed holidays and special events, fear, family stress, and others. The key for us in overcoming them is this: I made a promise to Althea very early on in the process, knowing that these challenges would occasionally arise, that our marriage would always come first. If the job ever displaced it I would quit. To a lot of cops, that is unrealistically radical. Of course the job is going to come first, are you crazy?! We understand that work sometimes will come first, but its time in first place must always be temporary and the relationship will return to the top. That allows Althea to relax in the knowledge she is first in my heart, and gives me incentive to keep my priorities straight so I can continue working in the profession I love, with the wholehearted support of the woman I love.

It has worked well so far, and now we work together to support others in law enforcement. With faith in, hope for, support of, and devotion to love each other and your shared and individual goals, we believe marriage can not only survive law enforcement’s challenges, but be enriched by them.

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