Lemons and Lemonade

Life and police work will provide you with the lemons, learn how to turn them into something better

In short, engage in more activities that put a smile on your face and introduce some joy into your life. Interacting and laughing with your Boy Scout troop for instance is a win/win - you get to be a part of their infectious enthusiasm and they gain exposure to a positive mentor and role-model.

Think Outside the Box

Also known as taking the parallel track, many officers enter into entrepreneurship as a means to guarantee additional income should they be laid off. No, you don't need to fork out a lot of money to start a side business nowadays. Many micro-businesses can be started on the internet or with little capital investment. I always liked the advice that I am the chairman of my own company, not literally but figuratively. I contract my services to my agency or others but I am my own corporation providing services for my customers. This article and my contract training business are the result of my attempt to parallel track. My partner owns and operates his own gym. I've found that this method has allowed me to both socialize with persons outside LE as well as interact with the private sector which is sometimes more rewarding than working for local government.

Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do

Whether it's surviving an unmeritorious internal affairs investigation, the death of a parent, a lay-off, regardless, adversity can strengthen us. Tough weather breeds strong timber, is not just a saying but building upward from what can be perceived as a destroyed foundation takes work and focus. How you proceed is up to you.

*As I write this 40 of my home agency Brothers and Sisters were laid off. This column in dedicated to these hard-core street warriors and I pray a quick return to work for them!

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