Sheriff! Your Jail Is On Fire!

This article seeks to enlighten readers on prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery steps that should be considered to confront jail fires.

Sheriffs should evaluate their own jail fire safety status. If a sheriff cannot remember the last time firefighters toured the jail, or the last time there was a jail fire training exercise, or the last time fire protection equipment was inspected, then maybe this article will serve as the necessary prompt to improve jail fire protection. As you read this article, view today's inmate and staff count in your own jail to know the number of reasons you have for improving jail fire safety! The challenge and responsibility will be yours - and yours alone! Accept the challenge to have improved fire safety in your jail(s)!

Authors' Dedication: This article is dedicated in memory and honor of Polk County, Florida Detention Sergeant Ronnie Brown. Sergeant Brown died on September 8, 2009 after being assaulted by an inmate. The inmate broke the sprinkler head in his cell, flooding the cell, and then the inmate slammed Sergeant Brown against the wall breaking the Sergeant's back.

Authors' Photo Comment: The people in the article photos are all public safety employees. None are inmates. Clayton County Sheriff Major Robert Sowell took the photos.

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