Aviation Safety Management Systems

Most have no idea how much of an impact Safety Management Systems are having.

The Safety Management system provides for the following: compliance is integral to safety management, it provides an effective interface for safety management, SMS completes the system safety circle and finally, SMS is a set of decision making processes for senior management, line supervisors and line officers.

SMS is not a requirement for a new department or title. It is not a substitute for oversight or regulatory compliance. SMS is not expensive and the benefits are measurable and tangible. If patrol cars are being broadsided at scenes to the tune of $2000 per vehicle and five vehicles are being struck a year the department is paying around $10,000/year. If the SMS system identifies better vehicle positioning, the improved use of traffic cones and flares as solutions, all which would use existing equipment the cost would be nothing except a department memo and perhaps a brief roll call training raising officer awareness. Benefits? A saving of $10,000.

The Bottom Line

The goal of each and every law enforcement is the same. To return home safely. The aviation community has designed and implemented a proven model to accelerate this process and many agencies would benefit tremendously by implementing an officer safety management system.

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