Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Unique mobility distinguishes heavy armored tac vehicle

   Knurr has been in law enforcement since 1987 and currently works as patrol lieutenant with BCSO, where he is a supervisor and a commander on the co-county bomb squad. To describe the TPV experience, Knurr says it "drove like an automobile without the big bulky feeling of an armored car ... yet you have the ballistic protection of an armored car."

   Semb says the TPV has a noticeably tighter radius than the armored vehicles he's used to. "Hands down it was able to get into tighter corners and around tighter areas," Semb explains.

   Semb adds the team was impressed with the cool factor of the TPV, but just as impressive were its practical abilities for the mission at hand. "Any type of armored car like this gives us a tactical advantage," Semb adds.

   "The Bearcat's a great vehicle, too. I would never complain about a tool like that," Semb says. "It's just a unique vehicle and has advantages that the other one doesn't have. Together, between the two of them, it would cover everything we need. Once you drive it, it's like, wow, this thing can really drive."

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