Thanksgiving for LE

When I've been out on the street on holidays I certainly want my family to participate in the traditional celebrations, knowing full well that I will as the circumstances permit.

  1. Your family and friends are waiting for you to end your shift; to come home and celebrate, albeit a tad late. Do what you have to to go home to them.
  2. When the stupidity of criminals and silliness of others starts to drag your spirits down, take a mental health break to remember why you do what you do; and what's waiting for you at home. Don't let the job get you down.
  3. Criminals don't take holidays off and they have no sense of compassion. Be careful out there!

With that I will wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving (fairly early), or a Happy Harvest Festival, or a Happy Whatever-Else-You-May-Celebrate. All I ask is that while you're celebrating you remember the public safety folks who have to work. They do it to keep YOU safe too. Include them in your prayers and if you get the chance to offer them a plate, do so. They'll likely be surprised and appreciative. Some of them won't get home to their families until well after everyone's bed time and that plate you offer them may be the only one they get to share with another kind soul.

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