Patrol Ready: The Police Carbine Officer Survival columnist Kevin Davis was recently transferred back to patrol temporarily. Check out what carbine and accessories he elected to carry on street duty.

On the subject of BLACKHAWK! the best case I've run with is the Homeland Security Discreet Weapons Carry Case. This weapons case which I ordered in Coyote Tan easily carries my DoubleStar carbine in its main heavily padded main compartment and can carry cleaning equipment as well as six spare magazines in its zippered secondary compartment. Bar none, this BLACKHAWK! case is the best I've ever owned.


I've been playing around with vertical fore-grips for a while. Although I don't grasp them with my support hand, I use the grip as a reference point for the edge of my support hand. That said, full-size fore-grips can get in the way sometimes especially when shooting over cover. Command Arms and Accessories (CAA) makes a nifty little fore-grip called the Front Arm Short Vertical Grip which attached easily to the bottom rail on the Star-15 and retails for something like 20 bucks.

I wanted the ability to carry spare magazine, battlefield dressings and other first-aid supplies to respond to any type of active shooter call-out. I chose a 5.11 Bail Out Bag which is a shoulder bag that includes exterior magazine pockets and an interior zippered compartment that I put my medic supplies and a bottle of water. Yes, I carried six spare magazines. Some might scoff at the idea but reality has a way of hitting you upside the head and once gunfire erupts I've never heard anyone complain about having too many bullets.

The magazines I selected were the excellent Magpul PMAG magazines. The PMAG design has proven itself to my satisfaction on the range and on the street by serious operators. With anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower the PMAG design incorporates space age polymer design to prevent corrosion while still being tough as steel mags.


Part of the cop business is going where they send you. In this case that meant to uniform patrol, night shift and to wherever else dispatch sent me or situations that proactive patrolling placed me in. Times have changed since I last worked a radio car with improvements in computer equipment and the like. So too, weaponry has improved. I wanted these advancements to work for me as I suppose you would like them to work for you. That meant a quality carbine with quality accessories and equipment to let me do my job. I didn't need it during my short return stint to the road but I had it and that's comforting in and of itself.

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