Facility Emergency Management

Manmade disasters - mass shootings, fires or hazmat events - and natural disasters, such as hurricanes and floods occur each year, sometimes with no advance warning. Knowing what to do when faced with an emergency can mean the difference between life and death. In an organization, the Emergency Manager is responsible for protecting those within the facility, whether they are students, employees, patients, customers or visitors.

About the program

Facility Emergency Management is intended to help small and medium size organizations create facility action plans and institute emergency procedures in order to protect workers, customers, visitors and the nearby community from the effects of an incident, whether it begins inside or outside the facility.

The program examines planning, the development of an emergency management structure, the roles of the emergency management team, and the EOC. It also covers procedures for interfacing with local and regional response personnel.

The program examines the five levels of incidents and the appropriate response of the facility for each level. It explores mitigation and prevention; preparedness, response; and recovery. The Incident Command System is also described so that the organization can integrate with emergency response personnel.

The program sets up a plan that can apply to both large and small incidents, and can be adapted to facilities of all sizes. Included in the package is a DVD and an accompanying Resource CDRom, with a Powerpoint presentation focusing on the new PS-Prep initiative (Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program) from FEMA, as well as a post-seminar quiz, and other materials that will help an Instructor present a training seminar.

Facility Emergency Management was shot on location with the assistance of local organizations and state and local response teams.

About the Technical Committee

Facility Emergency Management was created with the assistance of some of the foremost authorities in emergency response, including the following:

Frank Borelli, Editor in Chief of Officer.com, a website dedicated to supporting police officers.

Phil Currance, Deputy Commander, NMRT. Phil serves with the US Public Health Service, NMRT/WMD, a national response team that renders decontamination and care to mass casualties.

Rick Hetzel, Chief, NC State Bureau of Investigation Special Response Team.

Mike Hildebrand, Senior Partner, Hildebrand & Noll Associates. Mike was formerly Director of Safety and Fire Protection for API and a Team Leader on the Prince George's Cty (MD) HazMat Team. The writer of numerous articles and texts, Mike co-authored the widelycirculated text Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident.

Chris Mailliard, Chief of Operations, NMRT, Denver, CO. He has served as a Tactical Paramedic with West Metro Fire Rescue (CO) and the Lakewood Police SWAT Teams.

August Vernon, Assistant Coordinator, Forsyth County Office of Emergency Management (NC). He teaches courses in Incident Management, OPSEC for Public Safety, HazMat operations and Terrorism/WMD response.

Trent Walker, Critical Incident Planner/ Hazardous Devices Technician, Greensboro (NC) Police Department.

About the filmmakers

Gordon Massingham, Director. For over 20 years one of the world’s leading creators of emergency response training. Winner of more than 140 national and international awards.

Michael Cataldo, Writer, producer, and director. Michael also serves as assistant director, set designer, and prop and special effects creator.

About the Emergency Film Group

Emergency Film Group, a division of the Detrick Lawrence Corp., was established to distribute quality training films for emergency response and right to know education. Firmly committed to accuracy, EFG uses the best qualified advisors and production crews to ensure that programs are not only exciting to watch, but are also accurate in every detail.

EFG's worldwide list of customers range from the largest petrochemical companies, to government agencies, to small town fire departments.

For a free color catalog describing all programs available from the Emergency Film Group, please call the toll-free number below, or contact them by e-mail (linked below). More information can be found on their website as well.