False Accusations

I took those extra steps to clear a fellow Officer Bubba. You have to do the right thing.

The crime scene investigator arrived on scene. I assisted him. I briefed him on the statements from the victim, Officer Bubba, the second officer, and the statements from the inmates.

Prior to entry the crime scene technician turned a large black light into the room. The room virtually lit up and glowed. There was suspected semen on the floor, walls, bed, bed rail, window, and toilet. More had occurred there than had been told by the victim. The room was processed and samples taken from all of the areas. There was evidence on the bed rail and the floor underneath just as the victim described. All evidence was maintained by the crime scene technician.

At this point in the investigation there was no doubt in my mind that the victim was untruthful. After reviewing my notes and audio recordings closely I re-interviewed the victim. The inconsistencies increased and the story changed dramatically. He could not explain the evidence on the walls, bed, toilet, and floor. He said that the floors had been mopped prior to his outcry. Needless to say I could not believe a word of it. It was quiet evident that Officer Bubba had been falsely accused.

Within two weeks I had polygraphs conducted. The victim failed and Officer Bubba passed. However, due to the seriousness of the case and my belief the Officer Bubba was being truthful I wanted to close this one out with no doubt as to Officer Bubba Bubba’s innocence.

This case occurred over fifteen years ago and DNA was in its infancy. I went to my supervisor and told him the only way to clear this one up would be to utilize the process. Six months and three thousand dollars later we received the news that the only DNA in the room was that of the victim.

I took those extra steps to clear a fellow Officer Bubba. This could have derailed his career and possibly have landed him in prison. You have to do the right thing.

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