Great Cop, Lousy Trainer?

Most police trainers are subject matter experts. That's a good thing when you're handling firearms, but it takes much more to be an effective trainer. Val Van Brocklin looks at what it takes and how to get it.

  • Pride - in country, in community, in one's profession and self
  • Hope - a vision for the future, hope for tomorrow, new opportunities, expanded horizons
  • Love - of family, country, and God
  • Fear - what might happen if we don't act immediately.

Think of how you might end your training with such a reveille.


I guess I'm less aggravated by the implications of the phrase "those who can, do; those who can't, teach” than I am by any suggestion that all it takes to teach others is subject matter expertise. It takes so much more.

  • A passion for learners
  • A deep respect for the role of learners in creating anything of value in the teaching-learning process
  • Study and mastery of adult learning theory, different learning styles and how to teach to them, and strategies for inspiring learners to do something new or different based on the information you've offered them
  • Practice, practice, practice.

To the many trainers I've met and learned from that bring all this to the work, thank you.

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