Promoted and Transferred

Two sets of orders on the same day? What gives here?

Do not be afraid of a new squad; despite how you have been told that they were. No, a police squad is not a group of 10 to 12 officers out to get you indicted. This transfer process should place them in a position to work with the new sergeant and to exemplify why they are good. The competitive spirit will prevail here. Of course, the perennial officer who will act like the bad kid in grade school with a substitute teacher will surface. Now, this is the time for the new sergeant to show what they are made of; this can be your first supervisor's test under fire. This adds to the exposure and grooming process.

When the promotion list comes out, some say that you had a lucky day. Each time you get promoted they will say you had two or three lucky days. Sometimes the transfers are the best part of the lucky days. My hope is you have a lucky day and the transfer is part of expanding your future opportunities.

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