The Enemy of My Enemy

Immigration has to deal with whom the United States Government allows to stay in this country; while border control is about who is allowed to enter the United States and what policies are applied to achieve regulated border crossings.

Law enforcement is having problems finding criminals in their jurisdiction who are on their Top Ten wanted list, yet we expect them to be able to find these faceless individuals. This is a very conservative figure which credits border security with only allowing ten terrorist to enter the United States. However, reality is ghastly different. Current head lines of new tunnels being found from Mexico to Southern California are escalating. A recent New York Times articles advises how The authorities have found more than 75 tunnels along the border in the last four years. Illegal border crossing techniques, such as these tunnels, indicate that more than ten terrorist along with contraband can easily enter United States soil at any given time.

In summary, home grown terrorists are a credible threat. Regardless of political views, it must be understood that terrorist will try to exploit America's national border security deficiency. We can no longer accept political rhetoric that contradicts our common sense. History has many examples of feeble responses to obvious threats. It is time to use common sense approaches and not political correctness to rectify this national vulnerability.

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