Saving man's best friend from dog's worst enemy

Adding to the unmistakable mixed odor of blood and wet dog in the room came the bitter scent of burning. “They left it too long, and you could actually smell the burning—I don’t want to say flesh of the dog—but you could tell it was burning. The...

As Held puts it, he continues to get up every day to work against animal cruelty because he says, if he and the other ASPCA team didn’t do it, he’s not sure who would. “For me, it sounds simple, but it’s the animals,” Held says. “And the ASPCA has got the simplest way of putting it: We are their voice. If I wasn’t out here doing this to the best of my ability, I don’t know who would be. And that bothers me. And that keeps me coming back every day.”

Editor’s note: For more information on upcoming training courses, assistance or resources on animal fighting, contact Terry Mills at or 917-284-2172. For more information on Canine CODIS, visit the UC-Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Web site at
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