The IACP condones head shots in the event of an uncooperative suicide bomber. This is a necessary resolution to eliminate an imminent threat and save lives.

Although this technique may seem overly aggressive, options and time are not on the community's side. This is one scenario that a contact shot can be utilized to effectively save innocent lives. Both officers will unquestionably experience traditional post shooting trauma from this incident. However, they will also now be faced with additional trauma of biological contamination as a result of the contact shot. Without a doubt their actions will be scrutinized in finite detail and all sorts of allegations will be made about their motivations.

American law enforcement may not be ready for such an aggressive neutralization technique. However, as we approach one decade since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack, law enforcement has learned that traditional diffusion methods must be altered to defend against the non-traditional criminal. Understandably, a direct contact shot may not be the most popular policy or protocol for a department to adopt, but failing to alter traditional policy may result in an equally unpopular casualty rate.

Bruce Hoffman, a terrorist expert at Rand Corp, told the Washington Post

The police standard operating procedure of addressing a suspect and telling them to drop their weapon and put their hands up or freeze is not going to work with a suicide bomber. You're signing your own death warrant if you do that.

Much like the transition from the standard issued revolver to the semi-automatic sidearm, skeptics exist and condemn change. Perhaps the time has come for American law enforcement to understand the transition from ready-aim-fire, to ready-contact-fire.

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