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Chaplain: Level III Mind Set

A close friend recently graduated from the area law enforcement academy. After her graduation as she was preparing for her first job our discussion turned to equipment. Being a law enforcement officer as well as a chaplain I told my friend to be sure to choose a Level III holster for her sidearm.

Her reply was, that was going to be her choice - a Level III holster, "I want to have as much protection between me and the bad guys as possible," she noted.

This got me to thinking. As officers we pay a lot of attention to our equipment, but many of us don't pay nearly as much attention to our psychological and spiritual well being. We pick the highest threat level vest we can; make sure we have a tamper proof holster so our weapon can't be taken, and we usually carry the highest caliber weapon we can comfortably shoot.

It is all well and good to make sure our equipment is top notch but I want to urge each of us to spend as much time on our minds, bodies and spirits as we do our equipment.

So if we would select a Level III holster what would a Level III mindset be? I believe it means we are to keep up with training; not just mandatory training but optional training that will benefit us on the streets.

Additionally keeping our minds sharp is to keep our bodies in shape. If we are not involved in a regular exercise program and attempt to stay fit, our mind will not be as sharp as it should be. We are holistic human beings. Another way to describe it is we are triune beings: Spirit, soul and body. Just like a three legged stool, if we neglect one leg the stool will collapse and so it can be with our body, mind and spirit.

From a spiritual standpoint, we are moral people but we are also free will moral agents. We have a choice to make: the choice between right and wrong. It is incumbent upon us to make the right choices in life; to uphold high standards.

I performed services at a funeral a few years ago for the husband of a law enforcement sergeant I know. As I met with friends and family a common theme became evident. It was that the husband of the officer always did the right thing. To me it was a great testament to a life well lived. He always did the right thing.

Can that be said about us. That we always do the right thing?

To create a Level III Mindset we must keep our mind, body and spirit sharp. We must keep as much protection as possible between us and the bad guys.