When Right Looks Wrong

Just because that overly-developed guy is doing a particular exercise the wrong way does not mean you will ever do anything but hurt yourself trying to copy him.

As I have stated many times in the past law enforcement and public safety is a strange and unique animal, there is just no other job like it. Because of the unique characteristics of your career and the out of the box tactics that must be employed daily, it makes no sense to train and exercise in that old box. Step out and try some of the new functional training: never sit down to exercise; rest less and work out smarter. As always, beware of the fancy elite fitness and mass marketed programs that promise fantastic results but sadly often lead to failure, burnout or even worse injury.

I challenge everyone to open up to new exercises. We open ourselves to new technology daily. Technology has allowed us to better understand the body and what exercises are safe and effective vs. what we did in the past with no real reason why. But hey, that big guy did it so it must work!

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