Terrorists Harnessing The WWW

Extremist sites often guide recruits on their organizations accomplishments and highlight membership benefits. These extremist sites also give perspective recruits information about future organizational meetings.

The creation of phony terrorist websites is a viable option for identifying terrorist. Information can be systematically, gathered, analyzed and converted to actionable intelligence. Additionally, inaccurate information can be displayed on the phony website to bait would be terrorist and create a favorable situation for the United States and its allies. However, this type of intelligence gathering and dissemination technique must be used with extreme caution. Over use of this phony terrorist website may dilute its intended effects. Although this is one mechanism that can be used to curtail extremist groups, it is equally important to understand that the basic existence of such terrorist websites is propaganda. Unquestionably, propaganda is a powerful mechanism that has been used for centuries to sway political power.

The propaganda machine of terror organizations utilizes the World Wide Web as one method of recruiting its jihadist. This recruitment vessel is extremely powerful, as can be noted from countless incidents. Exploiting the power of the World Wide Web, and creating a countermeasure for terrorist recruitment websites, is something that law enforcement can improve on. The World Wide Web is a powerful vessel of persuasion. To successfully combat terrorist, specifically Muslim extremist, we must understand that the fight is in ideology. Therefore, combating this ideology requires harnessing the same vessel that has successfully been used against us and skillfully maneuvering it to dismantle terrorist organizations and their recruitment methods.

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