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ArmorPUR Products

All of us in law enforcement know how smelly your body armor can get. I'm sure you're all like me and don't want to be washing your carrier after every shift; it's a hassle. Over the years I have tried different body armor sprays from various manufacturers, that are suppose to be a deodorizer. Until now, I just hadn't been satified with any of them.

A few months back, in the heat of the summer, I attended the Police Security Expo in Atlantic City, NJ., and came across the ArmorPUR products. A couple things about ArmorPUR caught my attention; first, it is made in the USA, second, it is made by a law enforcement family.

ArmorPUR has two products, the Outershell Odor-Neutralizer Spray and Outershell Fine Wash. I tried out both products in the month's since the expo and have been very satisfied. But I'm sure you want to know more about the product.

The Outershell Odor-Neutralizer Spray is described on their website as, "a gentle, no-bleach ODOR-NEUTRALIZER SPRAY that neutralizes stubborn body armor odor. Lightly scented. Also neutralizes odor on sporting gear/clothing, K-9/pet areas, boots, sneakers, bowling shoes, swimwear, etc. Works great on today's modern synthetics and in cold water."

I won't disagree with any of that. It is hard to describe the scent it has other than pleasant and not overbearing. I have used this spray on my vest carrier, boots and uniform shirt with great results. After a long hot, humid and sweaty day, I would return home, change clothes and spray those items down. I doesn't take much to spray them down, and I'm still using the same 16oz bottle after all these months. It is bad enough to deal with a smelly vest, but our boots can get pretty ripe. For comparison, I took a sniff of my boots before I sprayed the insides, then again after spraying. There was no hint of the normal foot odor in them.

Because I hate doing laundry, in the past I had a tendancy to hold off on washing the the vest carrier and uniform until they were probably to smelly. But now with the ArmorPUR Outershell Odor-Neutralizer Spray, I'm not smelly any bad odor and probably not washing them as often as I should. In my case, maybe it is working to well.

Now for the Outershell Fine Wash. They describe it on their website as, "A gentle, no-bleach Fine Wash that neutralizes stubborn body armor odor. Lightly scented. Hand or machine wash according to directions. Don't forget to throw in all the undershirts worn with your vest - they'll smell great too!."

Again the scent is pleasant and not overbearing. I broke down my vest, threw the vest carrier, undershirts and uniform in the washing machine with the Fine Wash. When it was all done, everything was clean and odor free.

I have found that ArmorPUR makes an exceptional product and would recommend it to all law enforcement and military personnel. Without a doubt, I will be continuing to use ArmorPUR products.