War On Cops?

It has been a rough 24 or more hours with officers shot and killed and shot and wounded throughout the United States. Is this an indication of the threat against today’s law enforcement?

The War is Now

During the course of writing this article I fielded a Tampa reporter's phone call about the St. Petersburg incident. With a felony suspect armed with a gun supposedly hiding in an attic, how should law enforcement have responded? What tactics how should they have used? Although phrased politely ultimately his questions seemed to be, They must have done something wrong. What was it? From the safety of my easy chair several states away I will not Monday morning quarterback. My thoughts and prayers are with the officer's family, friends and coworkers.

But my loud cry would be to prepare this day and everyday to deal with hyper-violent criminal suspects. Suspects who simply don't care and feel that you stand in the way of their escape or their criminal mission.

You stand in their way - be ready and able.

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